Hello Everyone,

I just completed the following updates to the Submissive Girls site by adding full site Search and improving password recovery making it more effective to receive and change the password. I also fixed a site error and added a Forum Newsletter feature that will allow you to Unsubscribe from Trainer81’s email newsletter.

I understand that not everyone wants to be informed when new site updates or new subliminal releases come out and rather check Submissive Girls from time to time without getting a newsletter.

So the new Forum Newsletter feature can be accessed under Profile after you log into Submissive Girls. And below the main menu, we added a second menu to help in expanding Submissive Girls new and existing features.

The Library and Archive coming soon will be accessible by Prime members giving you access to web links and other site resources for training girls.

Coming up next will be improving the forum layout making it easier to use and navigate when we post new topics or reply to existing posts.

And along with a whole new version of the Self Mind Control – Subliminal scripted and recorded into three separate subliminal programs.

Self Mind Control My Mind (Part 1) – Learn to control your thoughts on how you want to think and behave.
Self Mind Control Enjoy Life (Part 2) – Learn to be more positive about yourself and in everyday life.
Self Mind Control Goals (Part 3) – Learn to set goals for yourself and what you want to achieve from life.

Good day,



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