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What Dream Girls has for you today is (Ready Made Sledgehammers)

Ready Made Sledgehammers

Welcome to a whole new series of custom subliminal messages.

Be able to pick a Subliminal Sledgehammer script from a selection below and Dream Girls custom services will individually incorporate your (full name) into the Sledgehammer script.

Ready Made Sledgehammer Scripts:
1. Whole World – sledgehammer
2. His Happiness – sledgehammer
3. I am a slave – sledgehammer
4. My Keeper – sledgehammer
5. Custom Design
We will record your (Full name) incorporating it onto the subliminal sledgehammer where she will hear your name over and over again based on the ready made script hand picked above.

All for $90 per subliminal sledgehammer recording. Will be ready for download within 7 days after we agree on starting date.

Brought to you by Dream Girls!

You can order it at https://www.dreamgirlsgt.com/girls/sledgehammers

Only here at Dream Girls we assist you in training girls.
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