Hello everyone,

I’m pleased to announce the birth of one, of Dream Girls newest Sledgehammers!

It’s being called, His Happiness – Sledgehammer on Rain & Silent

Where releasing it for a week of beta testing available to Gold Members only!

His Happiness – Sledgehammer
Using this program she will want to do anything for you.

She will learn to give into your control.
She will learn to please you.
She will become obedient.
She will want to serve you.

Pleasing you will make her happy!

This will be a good start for any girl learning what it means to be obedient and pleasing.
Take it slow and she will do anything for you.

Gold Members you can download here https://dreamgirlsgt.com/download/his-happiness-sledgehammer-rain-silent/

The other subliminal programs are awaiting release until this beta testing is complete 🙂

Moving ahead one step at a time!

Have a good weekend all,


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