Hello everyone,

We switched Dream Girls over to a new design look that’s more modern.  Where still experimenting with the flexibility for easy navigation and graphics layout.

Remember to refresh your web browser when visiting Dream Girls and using the Members Area.

Also members only Library for sharing web links of other site resources has been renamed Users Panel.  I’m sure we will come up with a more proper name in the future as the site grows.

Users Info will also share with you how to use the Members Area for easy access.

Visit Dream Girls new look at www.dreamgirlsgt.com

Mobile version of Dream Girls new look will be next on my list coming May.

Feedback always welcome 🙂

All new features is coming in the next few weeks including new subliminal programs for paid members.

Dream Girl new music has tested well and it will be ready for release soon.  We call it Little Bird.

Good day,


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