Hello everyone,

I have important news regarding the TTP power grab.  This affects everyone not just the United States!

Fighting for people over profits!

Just a few votes will decide whether the TTP sinks or swims. It’s time to pile on and make sure our reps know where we stand on this dangerous corporate power-grab. http://action.sumofus.org/a/house-tpp-fast-track/

Please pass this on and help stop this before it’s to late!

And now some good news from Dream Girls 🙂

Next week will be running some tests on the server and upgrading the hardware. This will be so we can con building the new upload feature which is going to be a paid users directory.

Next week Tuesday will be experiencing some downtime so we can upgrade the hardware.

Following Dream Girls newest music (Little Bird) is coming soon to all already made subliminal programs.

Remember take action and vote no on TPP,


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