Hello everyone,

That’s right Dream Girls TJ MP3 Player has been released for further beta testing…

For the past few weeks we’ve been designing and programming a whole new MP3 Player we like to call the, TJ MP3 Player for playing all your subliminal programs.

Where ready to release it for further beta testing to a few Dream Girls members.  Contact me at trainer81@dreamgirlsgt.com with your Dream Girls username and all share a download link with you 🙂

This version was designed with an added playlist feature.  This allows you to play as many subliminal MP3 programs as possible per session and watch the positive results unfold right before your eyes.

Also included with the TJ MP3 Player software is the eBook guide giving you a helping hand in how it all works.

The TJ MP3 Player is just one more benefit of your Prime Membership.

TJ MP3 Player forum feedback would appreciated…


But that’s not all,

We plan to release a short Dream Girls story the Perfect Wife is coming soon.


Have a good weekend all,



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