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Yes, Yes it’s true Dream Girls brings you what we like to call super release’s for 12/12/12 meaning new subliminal and sledgehammer programs 🙂

We like to include Gold Member only videos showing you how to create your own subliminal programs step-by-step!  Now the Create your own subliminal e-books have proven useful but videos will add more fun for Gold members!

Four Dream Girls videos,
1. Setting up TextAloud Audio WAVE Format
2. Recording a single subliminal program using Audacity
3. Adding rain music to silents using Audacity recorder
4. Recording a sledgehammer subliminal

These videos by Trainer81 a Dream Girls training tool.

And what you’ve been waiting for the new subliminal programs,

I Love My Boyfriend – Subliminal
I Love My Husband – Subliminal
This program will influence submissive feelings and convincing your girl that she loves you. A good program if you want secure your love life.

Now the new Sledgehammers by Dream Girls,

Enjoy Life – Sledgehammer
This subliminal program will help you enjoy life in whatever that may be and think positive about the future.

I am Submissive Girlfriend – Sledgehammer
I am Submissive Slave – Sledgehammer
I am Submissive Wife – Sledgehammer
This subliminal program will implant the idea that she’s submissive and help her to give into submission. Go slow and you’ll have an obedient girl for years.

It is now 10:10pm my time, time to go watch some Christmas movies with my girl!

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