Hello everyone,

I have some good news about Dream Girls.

My web designer and I have been busy working on a new forum for Dream Girls but assured the existing forum isn’t going anywhere until the new one passes beta testing and approved by site members.

The new forum will have all the same features the existing one dose but even better and an improved loading time.

Also I plan to start working on some new subliminal programs for the members area soon.  I have this one idea for something called: My Identity…

Sample line: My Husband is my identity.

And now back in December of 2015 I talked about a new MP3 Player which I’ve been working on. The development of the Subliminal MP3 Player APP a downloadable software that will be available sometime this year.

The Subliminal MP3 Player APP http://subliminalmp3player.com apart of Dream Girls prime services.

Soon to be available in Dream Girls Prime Membership!

Good day,


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