Heads up!

Coming soon in 2016 sometime next year I plan to release an all new Subliminal MP3 Player APP capable of playing all of your subliminal MP3 files in web browser.

Supporting OS:
– Windows
– Linux

You can check it out at Subliminal MP3 Player http://subliminalmp3player.com

We plan to make the Subliminal MP3 Player available FREE for existing Dream Girls Prime members giving you unlimited access when this APP is ready to go live.

In the past I’ve made three MP3 Players which is the Amy MP3 Player, Lee MP3 Player and now the TJ MP3 Player all fine software but I know we’ve all had problems when it comes to the Windows OS and trying to get it to correctly.

So my idea is to build a new Subliminal MP3 Player where the user signs up for an account and be able to run the APP in web browser after logging in. And the best thing is you won’t have to install anything onto your PC or mobile device!

As of now I’m discontinuing the TJ MP3 Player promotion here on Dream Girls but the software will still be available for download from the Members Area for a limited time.

The TJ MP3 Player runs best on Windows 7 except for 8 and 10…

Further good news is the Subliminal MP3 Player will share the same features as the TJ Player that’s being discontinued. And yes it will have the capability of hiding the software as it plays a silent subliminal.

The all new Subliminal MP3 Player http://subliminalmp3player.com brought to you by: Dream Girls https://dreamgirlsgt.com

Coming soon in 2016!
Merry Christmas all,

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