Hello everyone,

For the past 3 hours I tried fixing Dream Girls login feature.  Now it’s just the password recovery part that’s broke and I don’t know why. I’m not giving up on it just informing those who have been trying to reset passwords that it’s still not working.

I will figure this login bug out and let you all know soon.

Side note Dream Girls is not getting ride of the Gold Membership or changing the plan I wouldn’t do that 🙂

I’m just adding a new Members Area called Platinum which will offer paid features.  Read the blog for more info at www.dreamgirlsgt.com/blog

Anyways since the password recovery issue is causing problems I’m going to extend the upgrade from Silver to Gold for only $44.00 that’s a onetime payment.  Once Platinum membership is online the upgrade offer will be no more.

Good day,


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