Hello everyone,

Dream Girls brings you a remade subliminal program, In Charge tweaking the subliminal messages.

What the remade In Charge will do is allow you to take-charge of your girlfriend, wife or even a slave girl,

She will learn to obey you.
She will want you to control her.

Before this remade, this subliminal program was written for training a slave girl only.

New subliminal releases coming soon!

Now, I’m sure most of you already know I plan to release a new version of the Lee MP3 Player, from hearing about it in the forum.  It’s true we plan release a whole new MP3 Player before Christmas just in time for the holidays!

This new MP3 Player be a lot better 🙂

I’d like to thanks all those who replied in the forum and through email for their feedback big thanks!

Oh, yes before I go 🙂  I’m adding a Dream Girls Library for paid members and I plan to add more content soon.

Good weekend all,


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