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Dream Girls brings you a new story called the, The Perfect Wife – About an 18-teen-year-old girl named Megan who’s taking home ec class in her freshmen year of college. Read along as Megan learns the value of serving her man…

And Dream Girls newest feature Chat is online 🙂  We’ve been working on it for a week now and its ready for public release.

All you have to do is log into Dream Girls and post what you want to discuss with other users. Chat

Now for the time being we’ve discontinued the (Sledgehammer Subliminal Programs) for Prime Members since we’ve been improving on our methods for subliminal.  We have new plans for sledgehammers in 2015.

The sledgehammers we’ve done in the past work haven shown positive results but we want to take it a step further.

So all programs under (Sledgehammer Subliminal Programs) have been remastered using a single subliminal voice, Amy’s voice for training your girlfriend, wife or even a slave girl.

The famous, I Will Love Honor and Obey will be placed under the Slave Girl Subliminal Programs, Girlfriend Subliminal Programs, Wife Subliminal Programs a whole new release.

And now the all former Self-Help Sledgehammers will be moved to Self-Help Subliminal Programs remastered using the same Amy subliminal voice…

Self Mind Control v2 – Subliminal
Enjoy Life – Subliminal

Check out the new remastered subliminal releases here https://dreamgirlsgt.com/members-area/?id=107&pid=1&cat=New-Subliminal-Releases

Next week we will release the implemented changes we’ve been making to the Self-Hypnosis Members Area.  It will be renamed: Hypno Members Area, with whole new (Hypnotic Subliminal Downloads) and yes, I will Love Honor and Obey will be apart of the new members section 🙂

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