Hello everyone,

Dream Girls is pleased to release the following subliminal programs from Gold member beta testing,  Thank you Gold members!

Self Mind Control – Sledgehammer
My Decision Maker Boyfriend – Subliminal
My Decision Maker Husband – Subliminal
My Decision Maker Master – Subliminal

And the, Dream Girls Subliminal Scripts – NEWLY UPDATED

All the above files are  now available for Silver & Gold members for downloading!

And now the long wait is over the newly developed, Self-Hypnosis Relaxation program is here combined with the new sledgehammer we call, Sex Toy – Sledgehammer for helping men to train girls…

Sex Toy for my Boyfriend Self-Hypnosis Relaxation by Sierra & Jenny
Sex Toy for my Husband Self-Hypnosis Relaxation by Sierra & Jenny
Sex Toy for my Master Self-Hypnosis Relaxation by Sierra & Jenny

They can be accessed here by https://dreamgirlsgt.com/store/category/self-hypnosis-training-girls-downloads/ $200.00 per order.  But wait where offering this to Gold members for a limited only!

All we ask is you help BETA test Dream Girls first Self-Hypnosis built for training girls.

For BETA testing Gold Members can access here: https://dreamgirlsgt.com/self-hypnosis-relaxation-gold-members-beta-testing/

This is a big deal for Dream Girls being this is our first Self-Hypnosis like I just explained above so we’ve taken great steps to make sure this was done correctly.  I would also like to thank my pal EMG from Warp My Mind for his assistance in the self-hypnosis script writing….

That being said enjoy everyone and I’m looking forward to the feedback 🙂

Good day,


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