Hello everyone,

As of 6/03/2013 we will no longer accept membership upgrades from Silver to Gold.

The reason we went along with this upgrade for so long is because we wanted to give member who joined before we started the Silver & Gold status a chance to upgrade in place of paying full price.

Just a way of saying thanks to those who supported Dream Girls services!

In fact we are bringing the new Platinum Members Area online soon. We wanted call it Deluxe but thanks to users input where going with Platinum.

Platinum will not be offering a upgrade fee…

The Platinum Members Area will offer the, Self-Hypnosis Relaxation Programs giving you unlimited downloads to choose from.

Now the I will Obey – Sledgehammer will be made into a silent and rain soon accessible to Silver & Gold members. Along with the other sledgehammers being made under Self-Hypnosis Relaxation for Platinum members.

Platinum members will also get access to online chat rooms for browser and mobile users.

And you will be able to post & edit stories here on Dream Girls for public readers. Are new story feature and chat room will be in beta testing 🙂

All this will be part of Dream Girls shared login nothing separate!

Stay tuned,


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