Hello everyone,

I'm pleased with the new Dream Girls forum and the fact I was able to upgrade it from the old forum so nothing was lost!  Anyways the new Gold forum is online and better then the last model.

Dream Girls forum https://dreamgirlsgt.com/forum/

Gold users can post and reply all they want.  And a few new forum features,

Gold Forum Feature – Inbox Private Messaging other members. NEW
Gold Forum Feature – Can download other file type attachments. NEW
Gold Forum Feature – Can upload images in posts. NEW
Gold Forum Feature – Can upload media in posts. NEW
Gold Forum Feature – Can upload files in posts. NEW
Gold Forum Feature – Can upload signature images. NEW

These six new features are accessible by Gold members only.  Basic users of the site can reply, post and update their profiles…

This is wonderful news because Dream Girls is moving forward!

To top it off Dream Girls Stories section had an upgrade it's self today www.dreamgirlsgt.com/stories  You will find the stories listed in categories now and Platinum members can Add, Edit their own adult stories….

Platinum Membership will be live once the new Self-Hypnosis Relaxation programs are ready.

New subliminal programs coming soon,


Dream Girls

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