Hello everyone,

I have some existing news for Dream Girls users 🙂

I’ve been working on building a better forum for the site and even though we haven’t finished it yet. I like everyone to take a peek at the new forum setup, http://dreamgirlsbeta.xyz/forums/

Here on Dream Girls Beta site will be testing all new site features before they go live. I need to make sure each new feature will play nicely together before I setup everything up on a working site.

My goal is to have open and private forums like before, for free and paid prime users. I have the free and paid sections up and running right now on the Beta site.

Plus a new Messages Inbox custom made for the forum. Along with the ability to see other users profiles in the forum giving you easier access.

Why am I doing this? Because the forum we have now is junk, it’s hurting my creative insight keeping me from giving Dream Girls new features. I know I tried setting Dream Girls, up with a differnt forum in the past that didn’t work all to well but I’ve learned a lot since then and converting forum data over to a new setup.

And we will have the ability for Unread Posts – Unread and recently updated topics…

This is a good clean web code people!

All keep you all posted,


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