Hello everyone,

The latest sledgehammer testing is as planned with some improvements made to the new silent method. sledgehammers is now ready for full beta release. By the way I like to thank everyone who helped in past testing!

Everything is going as planned 🙂

But first we have two new eBooks available to Prime users which are step-by-step guides.  And they can be downloaded here: https://dreamgirlsgt.com/members-area/?menu_id=5&id=268&cat=New-Training-Girls-eBooks

eBook 1. Listening to Dream Girls Subliminal MP3’s – eBooks
Using this eBook will advise you on listening to Dream Girls Subliminal MP3 programs and talk about the silent audio method.

eBook 2. Understanding Subliminal Messages – eBook
Reading this eBook will give you a crush course in understanding subliminal messages and how to use them.

And now the sledgehammer (I will Love Honor and Obey) is ready for full beta testing.  I used a new silent format for the recording of these new subliminal sledgehammers.

And to top it off newest music release Little Bird!

– I will Love Honor and Obey My Master – Sledgehammer
– I will Love Honor and Obey My Husband – Sledgehammer
– I Will Love Honor and Obey My Boyfriend  – Sledgehammer

Download here: https://dreamgirlsgt.com/members-area/?menu_id=5&id=266&cat=New-Sledgehammer-Subliminal-Downloads-

This sledgehammer will use three text-to-speech voices to encourage peer pressure for training your girl in: I Will Love Honor and Obey.

I Will Love Honor and Obey are the traditional wedding vows she will learn to abide by.

Using this subliminal will teach her to Love honor and obey you.

She will want to make you happy.
She will love you.
She will honor you.
She will obey you.
You will become her whole world.

Feedback is always welcome thank you 🙂


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