Hello everyone,

Dream Girls Fetlife group is back in action finely You can find us on Fetlife at, Dream Girls https://fetlife.com/groups/28029 or click on the Fetlife social icon above 🙂

I plan to post a few new subliminal freebies there soon as I’ve done before for promotion.

What else, I’ve been working on the latest upgrade to the Members Area and the website itself which will have a new mobile face lift making it easier to browse.

Members Area ShotThe upgrades to the Members Area is the first step to creating Dream Girls Groups which will share in the same framework.

Groups will play apart in subliminal uploads and listings a new members feature currently underdevelopment. To be made available sometime in 2016!

Along with the merging of VIP Membership with Prime making it all a one membership.  Those who purchased Prime and VIP in the past will have first time access to new features and special releases coming soon.

All have the Members Area release ready soon…

And that’s not all,

After the Members Area upgrade is complete all be bringing back, Dream Girls MP3 Subliminal Sledgehammers along with new categories, ect

Side note: The new story (Molly The Puppy Girl) is coming along fine but it’s still in the early writing stages only because I’ve been busy with Dream Girls.  I plan to make this story a BOMB and to be readable by members only!

Good day,


Dream Girls www.dreamgirlsgt.com

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