Hello everyone,

You have of noticed quite a few changes were made this week 🙂

This is important to Dream Girls future www.dreamgirlsgt.com

So far we’ve updated the main menu and the secondary menu making it easier to access.  You’ll find members area, forum, library and stories on the secondary menu selection.

Plus we updated the social icon buttons so they look 100% better.

But what’s coming in the next two weeks is Dream Girls new members area upgrade, an upgrade from what we have now.  It will entitle a new graphics layout a better organizing of downloadable files.

But that’s not all!  I’ve reclassify-ed Hypno as Vip an extended membership upgrade from Prime.  Vip will still have the recent programs and eBooks and everything hypnosis which will never change.

Will just be adding to Vip, the same as Prime membership continues to grow.

One of the new features we will later setup for Vip is uploads for those who want to share their subliminal files.  The last up-loader we tried to build back in 2014 was a bomb which we couldn’t use because of all the security holes…

But after the new members area upgrade release we plan to build the new up-loader onto the members area for easy access for members like you 🙂

One step at a time so we don’t mess anything up.

Oh, I’m still working on the following stories, Sierra The Little Maid (following) Molly The Puppy Girl.  All in fun writing I will share here on Dream Girls.

Molly The Puppy Girl I’m thinking of making a paid story.

Have a good weekend everyone,


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