I’m pleased to announce that stage 2 of Dream Girls forum upgrades are now completed and I just brought forum online after giving all prime members access to the paid sections of the forum. You can check it out here https://dreamgirlsgt.com/forums/

Now the forum is still under development which means will be adding new features and improving existing code all the time. What we have up and running right now is stable and I have to say it has potential.

This new forum is the first step to making Dream Girls strong!

All Dream Girls users have access to a new profile that built into the forum. After ou login you can see it here, https://dreamgirlsgt.com/my-profile/

Giving you the ability to read your forum topics and editing your profile you can upload a avatar picture and edit your password ,ect

We will be adding new features to the profiles as well giving you more options.

Now, I wasn’t able to convert former profile data from the old system because it was to complex but the important thing is that all the forum topics and posts I was able to carry them over to the new forum setup.

The converting of forum topics and post has been well tested before I did this final take.

Any advice and input is appreciated 🙂

Feel free to post your insight here: Forum Beta Upgrade https://dreamgirlsgt.com/forums/forum/forum-beta-upgrade/

As for Messages, it will be replaced with a new Mail system capable with the new forum setup.

But for those of you wanting to retrieve your past Messages from Dream Girls can be done here. http://dreamgirlsbeta.xyz/ I won’t have this up forever but long enough for you guys to retrieve your past mail…

Just login to access your Messages using your existing Dream Girls login info…


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