Hello everyone,

I’m so existed because this is Dream Girls first update of the new year!

For the past few days I’ve been working on debugging the Forum removing a blasted word filter from the Forum code.  I’m doing some further tests but I might of figured it out 🙂

Anyways I’ve upgraded the Members Area for Gold by adding a separate Download Directory allowing a number of categories like, Sound Tracks.

I’ve already added the sound track Rain Music, same I use for Dream Girls recordings.

Now the, Gold Members Download Directory is in beta testing.  In the next month or 2 I will add a new feature to this Directory allowing Gold members to upload their own files to the download directory.

And for the Chat Room I updated it, so it display on the site not a pop-up.  Once I’m sure the forum is working the way we want it to I plan to focus on the Message Inbox and the Chat Room next.

A Chat Room with the option to send offline messages 🙂

Happy new year all,


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