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    @J66R said:

    Now, one of her big things that went off the rails, soon after we got married, was that she “decided” that since she would probably get fat when she was older why try to stay at a healthy weight now. So literally in less than six months she weighed half again her newly married weight and has gotten steadily heavier for 20+ years. She’s tried weight loss and exercise before but never for more than a couple of weeks and never lost more than 10 lbs. She always gave up. Then the blame game. She was thin and pretty then met me and I made her fat. Would scream at the kids for getting pregnant with them and they destroyed her health and body and if she dies from being fat it’ll be their fault. Stuff like that.

    So, one thing I decided to do in the scripts was to push her towards happiness, health and self worth using subliminal methods. I created a sledgehammer with 7 voices overlaid with each voice speaking at markedly different rates (since no one talks at the exact same speed) and at different voice pitches. No “We are Borg” type recordings. Kind of of like if you were at a party and tried to listen to multiple conversations at a time.


    After about 2 weeks, she actually started getting on the xbox and instead of playing Plants vs. Zombies she downloaded the Zumba trial game and some other workout games with Kinnect . A couple weeks later she bought the stinking game because she could go past the little trial workouts. Then about 3 weeks ago she went on the Atkins diet, started walking up and down the road a m in of a mile a day. Last week she actually ran part of that mile. This is significant because this woman is so self conscious of her ample “endowments” that she NEVER runs. My sons got a weight bench for Christmas and this week she went out and actually started working out on it. Again, in 20 years I have never seen that. This week she proudly announced to me she had lost 25lbs. She tried on and showed me some of the clothes she hasn’t worn in over 10years.

    Like others I’ve focused on being very complimentary about the changes I see, making sure she knows I’m proud of her and that I know it is “her” doing it. I promised that we can get new clothes when she is no longer satisfied with how her old clothes look on her. I have also bent over backwards trying to make sure she has everything she needs for her special meals and be cheerful about it even with some of the remarkable extra costs. Carbless pancakes and sugarless brown sugar for about 7 times the price of the real thing? Really? But I digress. I am supporting her.

    Hi J66R

    The interest in weight loss and exercise this sub achieved is fantastic, do you have the script that you used that you could post please as it’s an area I need help with and sounds as though your one really worked.


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