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    05/31/2013 at 7:02 am

    Sorry about that fiz, you have a point, forgive my experimentation as when you try something for the first time bound to make mistakes.

    i’ll come up with a new system (probably the reverse) and if we’re still around by the end of day 14 (prays) I’ll type up what the new system is. For now just forget about the brackets as I don’t think she’ll be coming around the site for a while.

    We just had a big talk that could have gone negative, but I managed to turn as positive as can be in this scenario.

    We were going to switch to the silents tonight, however, i think I’ll give her a day of rest as per trainers recommendation and only pretend I was playing the silents. Perhaps this will make her believe that the silents work better for her so when i actually play them tomorrow she’ll expect them to be easier on her head. Idk, best idea I’ve got. Wish me luck, lets make this work guys.

    PS, I know I lost it and would like to apologize to anyone I may have spoken to in a crass manner. It is no excuse but I was just very frustrated and really don’t want this journey to come to an end so early. Thanks guys. I do appreciate the support.

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    05/31/2013 at 3:09 am

    [Alright, I’ll be swithcing to silent, and if that causes problems I’ll try fiz’s control project. Time to adjust is of the essence so I’ll be trying to see if silets can work by themselves first. Also I think the she may be subconciously fighting the messages, so it’s not an excuse, so much as an excuse of her inner self. To her I believe the headaches to be real.]

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    05/31/2013 at 1:01 am
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    05/31/2013 at 12:54 am

    [We’re using 3 programs, we have it looped at night.

    Rain Converter
    Slave Identity
    Submissive Thoughts Slave Girl

    I’ll probably switch to silents tonight as that’s what most of the advice says. I’m not going to hide it, It’s kind of impossible given how we go to bed and how we have to keep the laptop open, though it would help if she weren’t conscious of it :/. No way around this though it seems.

    Ok we’ll be moving forward with the silents and I can only hope it fixes this. I really don’t want to stop. She’s not against the programing (at least openly) or anything, she just can’t deal with the headaches and is afraid they will never go away.

    I’ll keep everyone posted.

    So new playlist is

    Silent Converter
    Slave Identity
    Submissive Thoughts Slave Girl]

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    05/30/2013 at 2:33 pm

    [Ok guys, I need some help and I’m really fucking pissed right now.

    princess got a really bad headache last night, and this is the worst one yet. It’s also the lowest volume yet 10/100.

    This morning she said “if this is what it’s going to be all the time I don’t want to do it.” I really don’t want to stop I just want to get past the fucking headaches. So what the hell do I do? My plan is to continue on for a week and switch to silents if the headaches persist. I’m afraid of switching to silents because it might restart the cycle.

    I’m really really fucking pissed off right now, I can’t see what I’m doing wrong.

    We’re talking about it right now and she’s willing to give it 2 weeks, but if she still has headaches she wants to quit the program. I really don’t want that to happen and I’m at the end of my fucking rope. Help would be nice.]

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    05/29/2013 at 11:10 pm

    Thanks for the help fiz, you’re an angel to this community.

    [Right after I posted I downloaded the silent file of submissive thoughts slave girl and it had clear rain sounds, so I think it’s just a simple issue of improper labeling.

    We’ve agreed that 15 seems to be the best volume, and this morning she only had a dull minor headache (we had pills on the bedside table ready for the morning). I’m hoping tomorrow or by the end of the week they’ll be gone. This morning we woke up early and fooled around both sexually and playfully (when I say playfully I mean she likes to pretend to be a puppy sometimes, stuff like that). Unfortunately we couldn’t have sex due to her little sister sleeping next to us when we spend the night at her place and the fact that she missed the timing for her birth control so I’m dry for another week and going mad. Whatever, I’ll manage. I did suggest a blowjob, but she knows it can take a long time to make me cum and didn’t want to send me off to work horny in an hour.

    One thing that struck me as odd was she got really sad when I went to get the pills just before bed saying “I don’t want to be left alone,” while I insisted that I’d be back in literally a minute. She can get like that sometimes, but part of me hopes Slave Identity is taking effect. We’ll see how it goes.

    Right now the playlist is

    1) Rain Converter
    2) Slave Identity
    3) Submissive Thoughts Slave Girl (the silent which is actually a rain file).

    That’s all for today chaps. She’ll be on this playlist till the 27th of june earliest.]

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    05/29/2013 at 5:59 am

    [About to hit the hay, so gotta make this quick. About the rain v silent, I’ve asked if the silents would help her more, but I think we’re going to stick with rain this week and if she still has a problem I may switch to silents.

    Good news though is she only had a slight dull headache today, so if we keep this up hopefully it will be gone soon. (I confirmed I played it at a lower volume then she did. Last night it was 20/100, tonight it will be 18)

    Also I downloaded submissive thoughts slave girl and it also sounded like a silent -_-. It was labeled rain but I turned it on to max and heard squeks but no rain. Can someone help me with this or confirm this?

    Also princess confirmed that it’s more me being here then me going through the headache problems so I’ll be using make shift earplugs tonight. K guess I’m stuck with a playlist of 2 again, I’ll report as soon as I have something to report.]

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    05/29/2013 at 2:53 am

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    05/29/2013 at 12:48 am

    Finally got to use the Subliminals last night. I pushed for it last week like I said I would, but as kind of predicted, last week was not the time to do it as she got a headache that lasted 3 days and begged me to move it to this week (currently in) in place of last week. She had really weird dreams when she tried it alone, kept waking up, and really hated it (she told me b4 we went to sleep that she hates the noises right now… lets hope that vanishes with the headaches). I am staying the week at her house to ease her through the adjustment phase. Today she shut it off just as she was waking up as she thinks that’s what causes such terrible headaches. From now on she’ll be shutting it off first thing when she gains consciousness in the morning.

    The headache didn’t seem to be much of an issue last night. I’ll have to get more details and keep you all posted as the week goes on. I have noticed she gets grumpy and adjudicated when they’re about to be played or are being played, but that’s not very divergent from how most of your subs/wives reacted at first so thanks to the community I saw that coming and didn’t really react aside from insisting that we get her past the adjustment phase.

    For myself… I really hate exposing myself to the subliminals, but i can see why I must for the adjustment period (she’s not ready to have it in the form of headphones yet. I remind myself when I go to bed and when I wake up that it’s not for me like you all have suggested. Still, I don’t like that I wake up feeling kind of high on pot, suggesting that the subliminals might be affecting me too (or maybe I’m just being paranoid). I hope we get to the point where she can do it on headphones soon, possibly during the day instead of looped at night.

    Right now we’re looping Slave Identity, and Rain converter. I wanted to put on happy slave girl, but couldn’t find a rain of it, and seeing as I’m using the rain converter I’m not eager to pair a silent. I may get one more on the list when I set up again tonight. Open to suggestions. I know a lot of you like His Happiness, but I wonder if a sledgehammer is a good choice for the first month. Let me know your suggestions and thoughts.

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    05/25/2013 at 12:57 am

    Glad the new regiment is working well. I don’t remember if it was in this blog but somewhere on the forum I was talking about levels and foundations you want to reach before moving on. In your wifes case I can see 2 core levels you should be focused on right now, the first is being comfortable with her body and her own sexuality (this is not a part of her yet I think because of her reversion when you took off the playlist) and the second is submissiveness. There are lots of great submissive foundation files here, but make sure you start with the basic ones and the ones you think will work for your wife. When you can take off a file and her behavior stays the same, generally it’s safe to say that the foundation is complete and you can move onto the next one.

    The arousal file sounds like it’s doing it’s job, make sure you do yours, touch her, flirt with her both asleep and awake. See how she responds. You want to get her to a place where she welcomes your touch and advances.

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    05/21/2013 at 11:51 pm

    Yeah, definitely do your research before giving her anything. I know it’s not erotica, but some erotic manga I like a lot is called victim girls. I’m not sure if your wife would be into it as it can go extreme with drugs, abuse, and even killing and I’ve always thought of it as more for the enjoyment of the sadist (though I know girls, princess included who love it). I would say it’s at least worth checking out. I’ll leave the link here:

    Some of the victim girls stories are tamer then others so I’d read em all if you think hentai/doshin (whatever it’s called, erotic manga) is a good idea.

    I also recommend kangoku senkan, a hentai that primarily revolves around brainwashing 2 dominant female officers IN SPACE. I know this isn’t exactly erotica, but I’m trying to give all I can, as I’ve learned a lot of erotica is poorly done, or contains things that just aren’t good to show a new sub. Same can be said of my above recommendations, but eh, better then nothing. Princess 69 and Virgin in School Uniform is also good hentai but again I’d watch these and think if she can keep the fantasy seperate from reality or if any content will flip her out. (princess 69 is about a fat coach slowly corrupting the gymnastics team until he convinces the rest of the team to help corrupt the rich girl who is blackmailing him and ends in a kind of hareem deal, and Virgin in school uniform is 2 episodes with 4 short stories)

    My final recommendation for hentai is Dorei Maid Princess. I know the guys it’s done by and they tend to be a little hardcore (also made kangoku senkan) but from the clips I’ve seen (haven’t watched from beginning to end, just a little of beginning and a little of the end) it looks like it might be good as it seems to be a BDSM relationship primarily based on love and odd fantasy politics.

    Alright, thats all I got. I’mma call the girl from my sex shop now and give one more crack at this.

    1) Please, Sir by Racheal Kramer Bussel
    2) Master Slave by N.T Morely
    3) The Story of O (another reccomendation, called a classic by her)
    4) Carrie’s Story
    5) Sleeping Beauty trilogy (got another recommendation)

    Not for her
    6) (missing title but these guys wrote a book on domination, recommended for you by her) Dossie Easton and Jannet W. Hardy
    7) The ultimate guide to sex and disability (While I was in the store I mentioned you were in a wheelchair and she thought you should give this a read as well)

    So that’s all I can do by myself. Sorry, I was hoping for more and I hope I provided you with something you can use.

    I may revisit some of my old erotica I used to read, but the ones I remember well and liked involved incest and mind control. Ah what the heck, just in case (ah, can’t remember the names of the stories so I’ll just give you one of the websites I used to go to) (I went to this one a few times for the incest collection, but I’m not sure what it does outside that as it’s not very well organized. I tried to find some sort of tags page like I have pulled up for literotica)

    Also there’s Sarah and Micheals Sad Story, a story where a girl is forced to marry her rapist is enslaved by the whole town (in increasingly unbelievable ways), disowned by her parents (who also eventually become slaves), eventually escapes but her and her daughter who she was separated from at birth become slaves to a dommie girl. I can’t tell you how it goes after the 10 year jump (directly after escape and separation from daughter) as I stopped reading there.

    Never checked out the rest of BDSM library, but maybe it has some good stuff.

    Alright, that’s pretty much the end of my rope. Hope something useful in here. I know it’s not all official erotica, but I’m throwing everything I can in hopes that something works.

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    05/21/2013 at 6:05 pm

    [ Awesome, thanks for your response. I’ll go through point by point.

    Ok, good that she’s aware of your desires and willing to take that on (despite being intimidated by them which is completely natural), the fact that she’s even willing to entertain you on this also is a strong indicator that some submissive part exists in her (as pure doms will not do this. If princess ever became somehow dominant towards me, as much as I love her, I’d lose interest in her as a woman. Acting dom towards others is fine though). You’re job is now to learn as much as you can about it and coax it out to the best of your abilities. There will be stimuli that make her fight back, there will be stimuli that make her surrender. You just need to find out what methods are right for your sub (I advise thinking of her as a sub from here on out, if you think that way she will too. Start looking past the dom front, the woman you are working on is hiding behind that and doesn’t know who she is yet, whatever spark of submission you see in her is what you should be thinking of you’re “real” wife as. Don’t get carried away it’s just, bringing out a sub is a very delicate, but precise process and you need to separate what parts of your wife are core to her, what are a dom front, and what is submissive and how all these sides act and interact with the world and you to find the right methods. As I said before, changing a “dom” woman is very hard.) Keep being observant, if you see something that makes her react positively or negatively make note of it and adapt your tactics (this applies to all areas of life).

    Another question, there are 2 ways to my mind that I can see her fighting you, seriously and what I like to call “the dom struggle.” When she litterally fights you and you back down is it violent physically? Emotionally? Or both? If this causes her serious emotional problems (Like princess and body writing) you have a more serious problem on your hands that needs to be addressed carefully. If it’s mostly just roughness, you need to be rough back, think of it as trying to gain leadership of a wolf pack. When you’re having sex with her, in a way it’s a fight for leadership, so long as she’s lost in lust she’ll be acting the same as an alpha male wolf defending it’s spot as leader. She needs a fight and to be pushed back and denied to get in line and also… idk how to describe it, to satisfy the carnal submission inside her she needs to lose that fight. If she is a sub, she does WANT to lose that fight and is waiting to be overpowered but wont give up easy. I hope I’m talking sense.

    Yeah, the kids problem. Not my department. I know how dry and boring they can make the environment though. Sometimes princess and I babysit family friends and if I touch her ass when they aren’t looking, or try talking about (while they’re not listening obviously, whispers) she acts very different then when we’re alone and chastises me to which I respond that they’re not paying attention, and they’d pick up more from her over reacting then me being flirtatious. Women just don’t want to be sexual around their kids, and kids certainly don’t want to know anything sexually about their parents (most anyways) I can tell you as someone who knows too much about the sexuality of one of my parents it will definitely scar them. Taking advantage of sending them out for a movie (old enough?), babysitters (young enough?), or going out is a necessity for someone in your scenario so keep em up.

    The next one if you can I’d push for bondage. Like frequent orgasms (btw, ever think of trying pavlov training like I did for princess by snapping my fingers?) bondage can be a great tool because it takes away the option to fight back. A lot of women, especially when first surrendering feel obligated to fight back. I think they view it on some level as self respect but trained subs unlearn this. However, when she can’t fight back, can’t move or even talk if she’s gagged she has an excuse to truly give in. She can’t engage in the obligated struggle for power so instead she just enjoys and relishes the sensations and the teasing. This is a great site, but you should know your ties well before attempting as your wife doesn’t seem the type to fumble through the learning process with you. Given her personality when you break out the rope you should already know well how to use it.

    (PS. Thanks for recommending the site, I’ll check it out on my downtime)

    Edit: Forgot to mention, about the vanilla sex thing. princess used to request this of me too, although now the thought turns her off. This was when she was still strugling with her submissive desires. The way I handled this is I would indulge, but I made it clear that while I enjoyed sex with her, and her body I much prefered BDSM and this slowly went away as she became more comfortable with her submissive desires.]

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    05/21/2013 at 4:29 pm

    Glad to hear of the overall progress, you are seemingly in a much better place then when you started the program. It is quiet a challenge to make a dominant woman submissive, but also very rewarding if pulled off correctly, remember to take it slow and ease her into submission as this is a new part of her.

    A couple questions
    1)You said that you thanked her for trying to surrender, is she aware of what you want and actively trying to work towards it as a goal? A little confused about where her conscious mind is at.

    2) Are you absolutely sure she’s not submissive? The way you’ve described her throughout the journal does make her sound like she’s got a sassy dom feel but you’d be surprised how often women who appear strong to the outside world are suppressing submissive thoughts and desires. princess is like this (when interacting with outside world) and I didn’t know she had always fantasized about being submissive and liked the same things as me (from day one) for years. You’re wife sounds like she might just fit this description and not be aware of it. Surrendering power is something she can’t do in the outside world because of how she’s perceived and this may have caused forbidden desires towards submission that you may be able to take advantage of.

    If you get back these answers to me I can give you more specific advice.

    I do like the playlist and think you should start looking into scripts that will change her perception of her own taste until she believes herself to be submissive. I think I am submissive is a great choice and I’d include submissive thought wife on the next list.
    Finally, as to multiple orgasims I am well aware of their power. Haha, I’m the opposite of your wife as I’m a guy who loves foreplay. Here’s my advice on that, make a game out of it as well as a chance to display your control. She will want to be fucked straight away, there’s no getting around that, but again this is something you can turn on it’s head (literally ;D ). When she wants to get fucked, deny her, tease her, make her beg if she wants it so badly etc. Make it clear what you are doing and why. Take advantage of the his happiness and let her know during foreplay how happy it makes you to see her squirm and need you inside her, but she’s not going to get it until you decide. I feel a lot of people write off foreplay as submissive and light, but there are ways to make it dominant and forceful. Get her body to it’s snapping point and then fuck her. Make it clear while doing this that you are in control and you will decide when she gets fucked, this is also a good chance to probe for natural submissive impulses as she will be more accepting of this if she has them naturally. Of course in executing a technique like this there is always a chance of backfiring, all I can say is try being firm and don’t back down at all when pulling this off. Don’t let her have her way and just stick it in. If you get a women horny enough and display that you control access to the cock there is nothing they won’t do to be fucked. You could even make it towards the end that you won’t fuck her unless she displays more submissive behavior, this will condition her if done regularly. One of my favorite things to do is to make them bark. That may be a little advanced for your wife, but you see what I’m angling at. Good luck.

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    05/21/2013 at 3:17 am

    Alright man, I’m just about to sit down and call my favorite sex shop for help. Lets hope we get some good titles.

    Cristine in tomorrow (leaving this for me, will edit out later)
    11 am – 7:30 pm

    1) Sleeping beauty trillogy by Anne Rice
    2) The story of O (I know this one is hardcore. involves kidnapping, multiple masters (i think), I’d look into this before giving it out.)
    3) Please, sir (i will get author name tomorrow)

    Unfortunately that’s all I could get. She suggested I go back and talk to her co-worker (the one who originally misheard femdom), so it will be kinda awkward but she’s really nice so I’ll try a second attempt.

    Be back with more titles asap. Hopefully I can catch the specialist tomorrow. Maybe even pick me up the first book in that sleeping beauty trilogy.

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    05/21/2013 at 2:54 am

    Important to know

    I will now enclose what princess is not allowed to read in square brackets[]. I request that all of you do the same in this journal when talking to us. I will also be using the brackets around the site.

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