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    10/21/2015 at 11:29 am


    I know it’s been a while since this was posted, but I did not see any updates to this thread or to others by you on how things are going when I searched your screen name.

    Search for some of my posts. I started out very similar to how you and your wife did, Christian, married for a wile, sexual and submissive issues . . EXECPT . . . absolutely NONE of the positives no alcohol to rely on to reveal a latent sex-kitty, ever, and over 20 years married in that state!

    To make a very long story short, I do not visit here except every few months, mostly I’m done. I’m done because this stuff worked with my wife, without a doubt!

    Everything has improved but I’ll just mention the sex.

    I am getting sex of some sort at the very minimum of every other day, sometimes more than once a day (admittedly not often) and at least 2-3 BJ a week, full, complete, swallowing BJ’s that 99% of the time are as deep as she can go, and she just keeps trying to go deeper. Not even when we were first married did I get it this often or this willingly or was she this eager to please me.

    What I think was the key, given we are also a Christian family?

    One point I heartedly endorse, that has been discussed, and there is some disagreement and some waffling on the topic, is to include affirmations that God wants or approves of what you are wanting from her.

    To assuage your guilt I’d advise you to examine you own beliefs, and read the topic threads that discuss the issue and then construct scripts that fit your interpretations of what is acceptable to your values. You can always go farther later if you feel it necessary and your beliefs “evolve”. But, if you compromise what you believe is permissible now it will backfire on you in how you live up to the role you are setting you self up to live by changing her role in the relationship and thus demanding you fill a different role as well. (this is another concept from some of the controversial topics.)

    Any way, good luck and God Bless both of you.

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    12/18/2014 at 8:32 am

    Haven’t been visiting here for a while.
    But, having had some pretty spectacular success (I haven’t been playing ANY scripts for months and I still get at least 2 BJ, full-suck-n-swallow every week without asking) so I think I would have a small standing to comment

    Like many of us, your situation is similar to what mine was (sans the cheating, although I really wanted to in some ways, and had plenty of opportunity). The bottom line was that I incorrectly equating being a “nice guy” to being a pushover. I won’t go into detail here; I have enough of that in other posts. And I’m not going to dwell on the technical aspects. Much of that comes from careful reading of the instructions and the forums. Though there are a lot of thing that just seem to work for most any woman, the really powerful results seem to come when you take your intimate knowledge of your woman and do some experimentation in your particular situation/environment. For example: Script wording for your wife may be different because of mental, physical, emotional states or relationship situations or even language patterns as compared to any of ours. And specific equipment available and acoustics in your environment will make a difference in playback and volume as others have mentioned. So I’ll just shoot out a few of items I think you need to be prepared for and consider.

    1. This is going to take you some time regardless of if you go for the short focused scripts method or the smorgasbord with supporting scripts method. The mess you are in now, took a while to get to here, and so will take a while to get out of. Even without cheating she probably had her reasons for doing what she’s doing and the cheating is just a convenient excuse.
    2. Don’t kid yourself that the cheating is no longer an issue. It is and ALWAYS will be. But, instead of giving her control of how that plays into the dynamic, YOU need to take control. Without sucking up, or wussing out, make it a point to reassure her you are now 100% faithful and that she is the ONLY one for you. But do so from a position of strength, not weakness or submission.
    3. You need to first decide what your main goal is with her, your “end game” so to speak. Basically, decide what you want out of her, and then craft your plan in a logical, step-by-step fashion given all you know about her, mentally and emotionally.
    4. At each stage of your plan, you MUST BECOME the man that fits with that woman. All relationships are agreements, to an extent. If you want her to be a certain way and have taken the steps to subliminally influence her to be that way, you have to act the correct counterpart to that.
    5. As pizzaman said you have to use all available tools. I’m not talking about reading Feinsteins report on CIA torture methods here, for ideas. I’m saying there are going to be times when things totally blow up and you may need to have a real bad argument. How you react will depend on your goal. If you want her to just submit and obey with no regard to situation, NEVER give in even if you are completely wrong. If you want her to trust and respect you, admit wrong only when wrong and NEVER when not. Then immediately take measures to fix what you admitted was wrong. That way she can see you take responsibility. In either case when you need to, to gain the desired outcome, STAND YOUR GROUND.
    6. Understand : THIS IS ALL OUT WAR and IT WILL NEVER END. Even when she is doing everything you want there will be times she will push back and HARD. You are fighting against literally hundreds, maybe, thousands of years of social conditioning, religious obfuscation, political ideology, whether you know it or not. And in the last 60 years or so, this type of persuasion has become a veritable science. She’s getting bombarded, every day with messages about how she is a victim and you are her enemy and only someone else can save her and how she needs to separate her fate from yours to be a whole person, or some such crap like that.
    7. The only way this will really work long term, is if you are willing to change to. You may need to be willing to risk EVERYTHING to get EVERYTHING. She has to know you will and you have to as well. Otherwise it will degrade and fall apart.

    Anyway, I have to slide back into the shadows again; working on a new script to take Wife a little further.

    Besides she just came in and told me she finished making my breakfast and asked if I want a BJ before heading to work.

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    09/03/2014 at 12:27 am

    Haha, I was kind of shocked at that one too, considering the reaction I got from my earlier suggestion, haha.

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    08/26/2014 at 6:22 pm

    Excellent! Glad to see this.

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    08/24/2014 at 6:52 am

    Keep in mind also that the higher the frequency the less distance it can travel before becoming distorted.

    Kind of like WiFi networks, lower bands like 2.4GHz carry less information but travel farther and pass through objects (walls furniture etc) better than higher bands like 5GHz which can carry more information (giving faster speeds) but is more affected by obstacles and gives good connection over a smaller area. Turning up transmit power (volume) on your router can then help coverage.

    In the same way you may find you need to “turn it up” a little once the unmodified file is shifted to the higher frequencies.

    The above deals only with the basic similarities in this application of sound frequencies. I’m NOT going to get into channelization, beam forming, spatial streams or MIMO, which do not have much of an application here unless you have the $$$ for some of the newer more experimental Cinema sound systems.

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    08/23/2014 at 6:28 am

    I will say that I have edited most of my scripts to eliminate as many unqualified “I am” statements as I feel I can.
    I found that my wife, instead of improving in those areas, adamantly argued she was already there and needed no improvement. Even if it was something she admittedly never did. The subconscious can be very literal.

    So, I have :
    1. made qualified statements “I am [attribute] when I …[do something]”
    2. focused on actions and good consequence “Doing [XXX] makes me [whatever she likes or desires to be].”
    3. focus on peer pressure “God is pleased when I do XXX.” or using sledges
    4. used the selfishness “Doing [XXX] makes me young.” or “It is my idea to do [XXX]” or “getting [XXX] done quickly gives more time for myself”

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    08/23/2014 at 6:15 am

    The “on-the-cheap” route would be DSpeech.
    A bit thin on features but gets the job done.
    Not all the scripting possibilities as some of the others but clean and straight-forward, no frills.

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    08/23/2014 at 12:28 am

    To the point of children hearing them.

    Before I made the suggestive customs, I experimented with different volumes. I myself have always had an expanded hearing range. Dog whistles and mosquito rings are loud and clear to me and always have been even though I am approaching 50ish.

    One of my sons has apparently inherited my range and he was able to hear some words distinctly even when I was barely able to perceive that there were actually words or distinctive sounds. That gave me a baseline on volume. I can now tell by the volume the recording is at when I listen to it how much I need to turn it up or down to keep him from hearing actual words.

    Some of you may recall I run customs for my wife on her computer and customs for my children on theirs, each tailored to the individual. I also experimented with recording volume to adjust to how loud they run their own headphones and speakers and so that others in the room would not hear them when they were playing.

    The ones in the bedroom for my wife (sex sex & more sex related), and the ones on the TV PC in the family room (for general family harmony) are the only ones played in areas, or conditions where they are loud enough to hear in the entire room.

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    08/23/2014 at 12:12 am

    Faust, I have had good luck with my wife by some things similar to:

    I enjoy working and getting things done.
    I am proud of myself when I get XXX done.
    God is pleased when I do XXX.
    Doing XXX makes me feel good.
    Doing XXX makes me lose wait.
    Doing XXX makes me smart.
    Doing XXX makes me beautiful
    Doing XXX makes me young.
    It is my idea to do XXX

    Statements like those above brought a wife of 23years, telling me I’m a big boy and can fix my own breakfast, or I am NOT your servant, to where she would make me breakfast any morning I asked. I kept up the script and she moved to asking me what I want for breakfast every morning so now I don’t have to ask for breakfast everyday any more. In the past few months it has gotten to the point that she just gets up and makes me breakfast before she does ANYTHING else. A couple of times I had to go to work a couple hours early and fixed my own breakfast. she got up about 1/2 hour before I left, saw me eating breakfast. What does she do, but makes me more and gives it to me. I got a TWOFER a few times this past month. And I do love me my breakfast.

    Plus she actually cleans the kitchen now, has been canning vegetables from our garden and fingered herself to a grunting, eye rolling orgasm for my viewing pleasure, all from statement construct basically like those above.

    I think the key is to find things she cares about and link what you want with what she wants, telling her subconscious that doing your thing gets her, her thing. A clever example of this would be :

    Obeying my husband makes me independent.
    Obeying my husband makes me strong.
    Obeying my husband gives me confidence.


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    08/21/2014 at 1:21 am

    That is a good point about the relationship.

    It doesn’t show up in all the forum topics but, in the past, we have had some pretty deep discussions about just that.

    Most of us who have been around for a year or more were part of one or more of those discussions. Basically, most (if not all to some degree) came to the same general conclusion which was expressed slightly (and in some cases VERY) differently depending on the specific nature and goal of the relationship. At it’s simplest, partners make a “bargain” in which certain roles are expected to be performed by each. If the dominant partner does not adequately satisfy the expected role, the sub will likely begin to not trust the dom and the relationship will not last.

    In the subliminals that we play, especially the customs, though we may be “requiring” certain behaviors of out women. If we do a “flip-side” analysis on those subliminals, we are expressing to these women that if they act submissive, obedient or give us enough head, etc. we will assume certain roles and responsibilities. Those bargains may not be explicitly specified, but they really are inherently implied, if by no other means than those cultural. If we then get wishy-washy, flippant or cavalier with our decision making, or give in to often when they act our or get bossy, or don’t hold them firmly to the sexual expectations we are requiring, we fail to meet the expectations we have ourselves created in them, that we will be the authority that we “should” be. Trust lost.

    I’ll also say, I like hearing (reading) you say that about protecting and loving your wife and that there are certain files you will stay away from because of that. I also appreciate that you mentioned you are trying to improve yourself. I have a similar perspective.

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    08/19/2014 at 12:30 am

    Many have found beginning with the converter files for a couple of weeks, first, to be ideal. They will help to condition her to listen to and internalize the voice of the other subliminal files. After that, files dealing with submission and making you happy would be a good next step. And finally begin playing the sucking files either after submission/his happiness files.

    Many of us have found that focusing on, at most, 2 – 3 topics at a time is the most effective strategy, so at least wait until after you’ve run the introduction with the converter files. Running the sucker files in conjunction with the submission files would fit nicely into the 2-3 topic limit.

    Keep in mind, that when attempting to change a person’s behaviors via subliminals, it takes time for the subconscious to work out how it will allow those changes without confronting it’s core perspectives too directly. This is especially true when dealing with women who are decidedly non-sexual, taking large leaps in sex frequency, quality, enthusiasm or into performing acts they profess to detest; it will take time.

    But, very many of us have thought there was to be no progress only to be surprised by huge leaps of progress in short periods of time. If you’ve read many of the posts here, you will see a pattern for many of us, that we may see almost no progress for a very long time, then we’ll see some inkling of changes that we might easily dismiss as our imaginations. Then, BAM, a huge change happens. Often this is around 2 months or so of beginning a new file or topic.

    In any case, welcome to what may be a very long, but worthwhile journey.

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    08/15/2014 at 1:18 pm

    @hotaceazn said:

    Oh , and J66R regarding the sleeping with the MIL thing – can I saw ew? https://dreamgirlsgt.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_wink.gif


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    08/12/2014 at 11:13 pm

    Oh, where there’s a will there’s a way.

    Just one idea:
    You could ask what kind of music the MIL likes, or maybe some traditional Korean music or meditation music, whatever. Act like you are trying to make a peace offering and do a custom subliminal and embed it into the CD. Give it to her and if it is something she really likes, and she plays it a lot, maybe there could be changes.

    As far as the morality aspect, maybe I’m compromised because I’m here and have seen such good result. But, the MIL’s manipulation is clearly immoral. Attempting to covertly create a less confrontational attitude in the MIL via subs is little different than playing nicey-nicey when she is around to keep the peace. Both are manipulating the situation and hopefully moderating her attitude without hostile confrontation. It’s not like you’re trying to get the MIL to sleep with you with the subs, at least I don’t think you are.

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    08/12/2014 at 11:03 pm

    I’ll just add my $0.02.

    In the very beginning I played the customs at the e-book recommended settings. There was no observable effect. I don’t know, maybe I was expecting too much too soon but I didn’t notice anything. But, when I ignored the volume lowering setting, the effects (nicer to me and to children and getting breakfast cooked for me) became discernible within weeks, with the BIG change, (read cum-in-mouth) happening at near 2 months. Since then ALL my customs have been sans the volume lowering step. I will say I am careful about setting volume on playback, to insure there is no “chirping” heard.

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    08/10/2014 at 10:36 pm

    I’d go over the script one more time before committing to it.

    The lines about her mother could cause her subconscious to increase the submissiveness to her mom rather than your objective seems to be to make her realize her mother makes her weak. The most simplistic meaning of that line “My mother makes me weak” (and the others like it) could have unintended consequences.

    Though these are quick, try something more like:

    I stand up to my mother.
    I resist my mother’s influence.

    I’d really caution against attempting to evoke negative emotion in association with anything, even things you want her to avoid. Besides the fact that the above lines could be interpreted on a very simplistic level to do exactly the opposite of what you want, using the negative reinforcement is unpredictable.

    I tried something similar (trying to evoke a sense of guilt for a really huge past wrong and tried to couple it with a willingness or desire to make up for the wrong) and it was like “nitro”. Two days of script running and I swear I was in mortal fear of my life. Stopped the script and everything was copacetic again. Tried it again, a while later, to make sure that was what was causing it. It was the same, nearly instant (sub 24hrs) results

    Ain’t gonna do that again.

    Cracking open the negative emotions can be a real Pandora’s box.

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