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    04/07/2013 at 2:43 am

    Things aren’t going with Mandy unfortunately – she moved out at the end of February – she just simply kept muting the computer and, since she found a job a couple towns over (she stopped striping) she moved there to be closer to work – I actually had only a couple days notice when she left. Oh well.
    Ironically Sarah has started coming back out here again – she just wasnt making any money in the city. She is still living there, but is now for the second week has been here 3 nights. She just went back to the city a couple hours ago, after meeting me for dinner after work, but will be back on Tuesday and staying till either Friday or Saturday – she isnt sure yet (she is already back on schedule at the club – and in her words “This is what I will be doing for a while.”) She is still living with Mr. West in the city – and on the surface seems happy with him – but they apparently rarely see each other, even before she started coming back out here. Basically they sleep in the same bed, but have been on different work schedules for a while.
    The first week I of her return, I did not play anything (basically I forgot). But this week I have put her back on the the custom female ownership sledgehammer, starting her back at file 1, Devoted Love. A little refresher wouldnt hurt, I think.
    Anyway, that is where things are at the moment. Just remember, the tortoise wins the race.

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    01/20/2013 at 5:27 pm

    Fizbin – I am still here, but have been on the road a lot – since returning from Florida I had a work trip to Texas/Mexico which I just returned from last night. Neither girl came to Florida for either trip, but Mandy stayed home and continued to work and took care of my dog, Sarah I haven’t seen – she has found a job in the city and from what I have been seeing in her facebook and what I have been hearing from Mandy, it looks like she is going to be with Mr. West for a while – and I am thinking that much of her subliminal training she has been applying to Mr. West, I am not going to push it with her at this time, leaving the door wide open of course. Plus as you are about to see, things have been evolving with Mandy.
    Now to update all of you on how things are going as best as I can tell with being away so much. Mandy was at work when I returned home last night so we haven’t spoken together yet since I got in (I was so exhausted from this trip that I just passed out on the sofa once I got home). But in the last couple returns home here is what has happened.
    First off, no subliminals have been playing since I left after Christmas except the few days I was home between Florida and Mexico. The first trip to Florida before Christmas, the subliminals were apparently playing for most of that trip for Mandy – I left my customized female ownership 2 sledgehammer on for Mandy, which apparently played until 2 days before I returned home, at which point windows update restarted my computer (I know that because Mandy messaged me asking for the password to re-log into my desktop, explaining what happened).
    When I came home for the few days at Christmas, Mandy brought her mother by here to meet me while they were on their way to Christmas eve dinner at her cousins. She also joined me and my family for Christmas day dinner and thoroughly enjoyed it (from her behaviour, my family is already convinced we are a couple, even though we are not yet). She was also on Boxing day very concerned about my leaving to depart to return to Florida because of the weather (a snow storm was happening), which a happy accident allowed me to stay an extra day – my windshield had cracked while running pre-trip errands so I chose to get that fixed before I left and stayed an extra couple days to do so. I did attempt to play non-sledgehammers when I was back at that time, Mandy still notices the noise of them, even when playing on low, so it looks like I can only use sledgehammers with her.
    While I was gone on that second trip to Florida, Mandy spent 4 days without word from me before contacting me, wanting to make sure I was alright. Since, she now either calls me by phone (my home landline has unlimited long distance to 50 countries in the world which Mandy now knows she can call me from whenever she feels the urge while I am away) or sends me sms messages (usually when she is at work). IT now seems she cant go a couple days without hearing from me.
    Do you remember the guy Mandy had been seeing for a while and dumped. Well, Mandy had been trying to continue the friendship with him while he, being a typical guy, of course had been trying to still convince her to be with her as more than friends. Well, this is an interesting little tidbit. While I was in Florida, Mandy hurt her back doing a pole trick at work, and it does sound like pretty severely at the time. First, she used that as an excuse to sleep in my bed while I was away (she of course asked permission beforehand). When she was not healing rapidly, even after seeing a doctor (who put her on muscle relaxants), well, the guy invited her over to stay for a couple days to use his hot tub and relax. During those couple days, it was right when I was returning home, so she wasn’t worried about the dog, she went there they day I was coming home, and well, during those couple days, towards the end, he asked Mandy to move in to “see where it leads” (she has shared the same bed with him but they have not had sex – another long story with Mandy I will tell you about later – I may have even mentioned it before, but if I hadnt, ask me to. Anyway, the day he pulled that, Mandy gathered her things then returned here, telling me all about it when she as soon as she returned here (I was at home so she didn’t even have to wait to tell me). She then admitted that being here with me feels like home to her, and that she wants to “formalize” her staying here for as long as I would have her here. I told her that yes, I am very comfortable with having her around and she is welcome to live here for the indefinite future and that we can discuss the details later (not wanting to have a financial discussion with Mandy of course, which in her mindset at the time, that is what it would be). That talk we will probably have sometime this week, along with a lot of other issues. For instance, Mandy wants to stop stripping and find other work, which I am ready to encourage her in – she does not want to be completely dependent on me for paying all the expenses and bills, which include a few of her own, such as the child support she is sending to her ex – I am going to use this as a opportunity for a “state of the friendship kind of talk”, suggesting that we are moving beyond normal friendship and basically probing her on where she wishes to see her future lead. Ill update everyone further after Mandy and I have this talk (which she will be in a very good mood for – she mentioned to me back before I went to Vegas a while back, that she collects key chains. Every trip I have been returning from, she has been getting a few from each location. This trip she is getting about a dozen from the different cities in Texas and Northern Mexico I have visited).
    Anyway, Mandy has been without subliminals while I was away this past week, I have file 2 of the custom sledgehammer now playing again as of this morning – we will see where today leads and I will update later – I am thinking in a new topic as I am not really actively training Sarah anymore. Mandy herself is a few weeks away from having the sledgehammers playing for 6 months, she has accepted happily my few house rules (no other guys at my home, accepting that “I don’t play well with will other guys” – with the exception I have granted her her one gay friend when I am away and she is feeling particularly lonely, her female friends are allowed over, which is almost exclusively her cousins when they can get a night away from their kids), keeping my house tidy, taking care of my dog when I need her to. She is also happily surprising me with dinner a few nights a week when I am not travelling and she isnt working, she has been converted over to my food brands (for things like cereal, cheese, etc.), and we are doing things at home together – tv, scrabble – as well as going out for the odd movie together. She also has an issue with most people touching her (and I do mean things like a brush of the shoulder – get your minds out of the gutter guys), but has overcome that issue with me. We generally share the same love seat in front of the tv instead of different sofas, so her physical and space comfort level is there with me. Now it is time to lead her further in the right direction. She should be waking up shortly so I will get going for now – look for the new topic to appear in the next couple days. Wish me luck.


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    11/26/2012 at 5:02 am

    Well, another quiet Sunday night, time for an update.

    First off, Mandy still hears the old files, so I have limited to playing the sledgehammers and the new silent converter. Mandy is becoming more considerate around the house, cleaning without being prompted, as well she has offered to assist me with some of the care duties with my mother, especially while I am going to be away next month (having said that, I have shortened my trip to two weeks from the 5 originally scheduled due to my mother’s degrading condition – Mandy’s trip abroad has also been cancelled due to events out of her control). She is also asking my permission to watch things on TV, or if she is watching something she thinks I might not enjoy if I wish to watch something else (I have been playing His Happiness).

    The best I could almost describe Mandy’s behaviour is almost nesting, where she is finally accepting here as her home and no longer simply a place she is staying.

    Sarah has not been here much, and apparently mr. west is trying to get her to stop coming at all. He has asked her only to do the day shifts, and at the same time has been trying to get her hooked up with jobs in the city. What this has in turn led to is Sarah drinking at work more when she has a shift out here. I dont think she realizes she is doing it, consciously anyway, but the effect is that if she has drunk too much at work, she cant travel back to the city and has to stay here. I suspect that he will simply keep increasing that pressure on her in the short term, and it will be interesting to see how she reacts.

    Not much of an update this time as I have had to focus on work and other family issues. At the end of the week I am off for the 2 week vacation, and will update upon my return. I have been switched to BiPAP and am adjusting to the new machine, hopefully that adjustment is done by the time I have returned from my holiday.

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    11/08/2012 at 2:35 am

    Well, I am finally on for another update.
    Sarah is moved out into her new place in the city, but messaging me almost every day. She is quite grateful with all the help I gave her moving last weekend and I will be meeting her in the city for dinner tomorrow as well she is returning here Friday-Sunday for work. She will be returning back to her new schedule here – Wednesday-Sunday as of next week (she had took a few days off to settle into her new apartment and spend time with her son). Before leaving for the city, Sarah has been organizing her and Mandy to keep my house clean again as a thank you for all I have been doing for them. Mandy manages however to do the cleaning only when Sarah is around then returns to her slacker self whenever Sarah is not here.
    I had caught Mandy starting to turn off the computer monitor again starting late last week so since Sunday I have been playing constantly the new Silent Converter. I had it on low volume Sunday and Monday (speakers at 80%, windows volume at 50%) Tuesday I increased the volume to windows volume at 75% which brings things to the level I play all the files. Since I began playing it the monitor has no longer been turned off (I had never told her not to turn off the monitor for it is another way for me to monitor if they are listening to the files or not). I have also noticed that Mandy has been in the living room with the files playing while I am at work (the TV channel is changed) even if I am not seeing her before she goes to work. She has just messaged me asking to pick her up from work an hour from now as apparently she didn’t make much money today so doesn’t want to take a cab.
    The plan now is to play the silent converter when it is only Mandy in the house for the next couple weeks and continue the normal programming schedule when Sarah is here. I am also thinking of figuring out a way to play a speaker through the heating system in the house so the files are playing no matter what room the girls are in, and if Mandy does notice any noise, since it it winter, it will be as if it is just part of the heating of the house.
    Mandy will be leaving for 2 months in Australia at the end of the month, Sarah will continue staying here when I am away for the beginning of December, as well as the week I am back in the middle of the month. Sarah is talking about, if her cash flow allows it due to her new expenses, joining me for my return to Florida on Boxing day for my second couple week trip there.
    @Trainer – thanks for the offer for recording more files. I am going to delay making new customs until after Christmas simply because with the 2 trips to Florida, cash flow will be tight until then (treating myself to a Birthday weekend on Disney property with a few friends while I am down there, let alone all the other expenses for the rest of the trip let alone keeping all the bills payed here).
    As far as my health is concerned, I had another sleep study on Monday night, and it looks like they will be switching me from a CPAP to a BiPAP machine once they finish going through all the results, so another week of little sleep is ahead of me until they have all the results in.
    Ill update you guys more when I can, and again, all suggestions are welcome.

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    10/27/2012 at 1:01 am

    Well, Mandy did notice the non-sledgehammer file and was turning my monitor off, even when I dropped the volume down low. So they got another dose of 3 yesterday, until Mandy went to bed. Ill continue on that shortly.
    When Sarah returned yesterday, asking me to pick her up at the train station for she decided not to go into work yesterday (saying she was too tired). Upon coming home, before Mandy appeared, Sarah admitted to Me that it is difficult for her with Me and her dog here and mr. west and her son in the city (it is another week before they get their new apartment, and two more weeks until she can bring her dog there – it will be interesting to see how she phrases things – justifies things in her mind – once the dog is in the city too and she is still coming out here to stay for half a week at a time each week for work – that will be the test).
    Anyway, back to the programming – so once I discovered Mandy turning the non-sledgehammer back off I returned to playing file 3 until Mandy went to bed. Sarah is no longer bothering to go up to her assigned bedroom anymore and has returned to sleeping on the sofa next to the computer. So while Sarah and I watched tv, I began playing accepting slavery again, leaving it on all night until I woke in the morning. Observing her as she continued to sleep and I was up as I normally am in the morning, for the half hour that I continued to play accepting slavery, I observed Sarah softly moving as she slept, occasionally quietly muttering to herself. (I couldn’t make out what she was saying). As she continued to sleep while I proceeded to my morning work, I changed the file to break up. Sarah continued to sleep for another 4-4 1/2 hours listening to break up before waking. Upon waking, and as I knew Mandy would wake soon, I swiftly changed the file back to Ownership 3 sledgehammer for the rest of the day until I took Sarah to work, and dropped Mandy off for a weekend away with her cousin (it is Mandy’s cousin’s 30th birthday so they are spending the weekend together with a few other girlfriends in Niagara Falls).
    On the way to dropping Sarah and Mandy off, Sarah surprised Me while I was driving saying if she makes enough money in the next month, she wants to take a week off work to come and join me in Florida. She admitted that she doesnt know if it will happen yet, and although she would like to come for my entire trip she knows she cannot afford to do that with all her new expenses, but she wants to try to join me for at least a week of my trip. (Note: this is something I had offered her in the summer before mr. west returned to the scene).
    Anyway, with Mandy away the rest of the weekend, I am going to continue Sarah on a medley of accepting slavery, break up and ownership 3 sledgehammer through the weekend.
    I will update on Sunday when Sarah is supposed to return to the city, before Mandy returns from her weekend (during the week when only Mandy is here, I will be playing solely the Ownership 3 sledgehammer).

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    10/25/2012 at 1:49 pm

    Well, I haven’t had the discussion with the girls yet regarding finances. As far as the situation before the finances are concerned, Sarah has been happily contributing to groceries where with Mandy it has been like pulling teeth, even when Sarah brings it up with her. Sarah also had been chipping in with some of the utilities (water & electricity) while mr. west was staying here, as she felt it unfair to me all the extra costs I have bourne with the two of them here. Now that mr. west is no longer here and they are maintaining the costs of another more expensive apartment, I am sure that she will be backing away from that, and I wont be pressing the issue with her.
    I have decided as of today (Sarah will be returning later today, Mandy will begin to experience it when she wakes up) that after a few months of going through the female ownership files (they have been through all three), now that they feel the bond with me, it is time to put them on a basic file. I am sure the ownership set has me firmly implanted in their minds as Master, now it is time to firmly implant in their minds their roles as slave. So, after reviewing the scripts, I am now playing accepting slavery. As it is not a sledgehammer, I am lowering the volume that it is playing at compared to the other files so Mandy doesn’t readily notice it like before (it has been a while since I played a non-sledgehammer).
    I am going to proceed with them on the financial front as simply covering their share of the expenses (gas, hydro, electricity, internet, cable, phone) as well as ensuring Mandy is contributing to the grocery fund.
    I am no longer worried about Sarah’s finances, but since she is paying for the other apartment in the city and that mr. west is no longer staying here, her contribution will remain small. Mandy I know has managed to pay off her debts, has bought herself a used car (she has to pass her driver’s test still as she had let her licence expire while she was living in Australia), and is paying a fixed amount in Child support to her ex each month – he son is remained in Australia due to a stable extended family environment there unlike Mandy’s situation here. Mandy has also already paid for her flight to travel down to spend a month there for the Christmas holidays (she departs the same day I leave for my annual Florida vacation and returns a week after I return). I will be keeping all your comments in mind when I have that talk with the girls.
    Ill update again in a few more days.

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    10/22/2012 at 5:00 am

    Well, after the weekend and seeing what is actually going on, since my plan for this weekend was really to observe after 2 of 3 weeks basically being away.

    First off, sorry to disappoint you guys, but Ally is gone. She didnt like the club that Mandy and Sarah work at so she has returned to the city. I dont think she will be coming back, then again you never know as I had file 1 of the set playing while she was here. (And she did break up with her boyfriend earlier today, but I am sure that had to do with other issues). Both Sarah and I were expecting her to stay until Tuesday until suddenly, just before I went to go take Sarah to the train back to the city, Ally jumped in and said she was going with her (the break up phone call apparently happened minutes before and she said she was going to head back to her mothers).

    Mandy and I had little time alone this weekend, but it seems she is coming to depend on me more and more. She is also sneaking her hand over to me before pulling it back when we are next to each other, either in the car or the sofa.

    Sarah however I feel is resigned to her upcoming life in the city. She has also been showing some alpha traits here over the weekend, so when she returns on Wednesday I am going to have to nip those habits in the bud.

    With both Sarah and Mandy, I am simply going to start using the “Master of the house” routine on them, basically giving them the option of either contributing more financially or doing more around the house or a mix of both(remember, they started staying with me basically as strays a couple months ago and now since their presence will be longer term, it is about time), especially since, as I had told them from the start, I wanted them to clear up their debts and start working on getting back on their feet – their debts are now just about cleared. Any ideas on how best to proceed with what I am planning are most welcome.

    As far as my apnea, although the weight worsens it, it is a condition I have had since childhood (as well as many male member of my family) and unfortunately weight loss will improve the condition but not enough to warrant not having the CPAP machine. Having said that I am starting to get used to it and the girls have most definitely heard an improvement in my lack of snoring. The weight loss should accelerate depending on what supplements I will be getting from my other doctor for the hypo-thyroidism and testosterone replacements, which other men over 40 on here should be tested for as well. I will advise.

    Anyway, off to bed – I actually have to pop my head in the office tomorrow for a day full of boring meetings. Ill message more in a couple days.

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    10/20/2012 at 3:37 am

    Well, I am back and can give a brief update, though there isn’t much news as I have been dealing with other issues (getting myself in better health – re:sleep apnea and work). So it definitely isn’t option 2 Fizbin, but it isn’t option 1 yet either.
    I just got back home today after a week of entertaining Mexican customers of mine (where I had checked into the same hotel as them as I was making business presentations to them by day and taking them out on the town by night and managing my tiredness issues).
    UPDATE – Sarah is now in the city with mr. west and her son (he is 17 years old and mostly stays with his other parent – Sarah is trying to be a better mother for him until he goes to college) Sunday through Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and here the rest of the week. –
    While I was away and Sarah was at my place (she seems to only message me when she is not around mr. west), I am getting messages because she has missed me, but she still has the connection with mr. west. She is also disappointed due to money reasons she cannot join me on my December long annual vacation due to money issues regarding her new apartment with mr. west. (I had offered to her a few months ago when mr. west was still out west that she could join me for my annual trip to use my family’s beach condo – always empty from December-mid January, whereby I take my vacation). Now I only saw her for a couple hours since I returned before she went to work (and she asked permission for another friend of hers, Ally, to stay with us this weekend so she can try out stripping at the same club) and her new friend was here. But when Ally was upstairs resting, Sarah was very curious as to my week and what has been going on with me and the sleep clinic. I am sure she and I will talk further after I pick them up from work, or in the case she is drunk, first thing in the morning while the others sleep.
    I had however mentioned to Sarah that I will be up north for work just before my vacation for a week, a city with 2 decent strip clubs that she has worked before, and Sarah came out and asked if I would mind if she joined me in my hotel room that week so she could work at those clubs, “since your company is paying for the room and now that I have a CPAP machine your snoring should be minimal/non-existent.” We didn’t get into details yet but I am sure it will be discussed this weekend.
    I haven’t seen Mandy yet since I got home as she was already at work (I am expecting to be messaged anytime now to either come and pick her up or that she will continue working tonight until Sarah and Aly are finished in another 2 hours and change).
    When I returned home and after dropping Sarah and Ally off at work I can confirm that the sledgehammer I left playing while I was away was still playing upon my return (I left it on at a relatively low level going through my new monitor speakers and not the old computer speakers I had before). I have noticed that she doesn’t hear the hiss with the sledgehammers that she has with the other files.
    However, before leaving earlier this week while Sarah was in the city, Mandy dumped the guy she was briefly seeing and has decided that she will remain living here rather than find another place to live. She has also been offering to feed or bring me a beverage every time she goes to the kitchen, and coming out of her room more to spend time with me. As well, Mandy has never been much of a touching person, but she has been, at least when after drinking and I pick her up at work begun to make gentle motions (touching my hand/arm while I am driving us home, just little things like that).
    Mandy has also scheduled her trip to Australia to visit her son to coincide with my annual vacation to Florida literally to the day – she flies out the same day I do and returns 2 days after I do, ensuring that I am taking her to the airport and picking her up making me the last and first person to see her in the country (and no stop at her mother’s in the city to see her in the process). (and the message just arrived stating that Mandy will stay the extra couple hours at work so I only have to take 1 trip to pick them up rather than 2 – Sarah’s idea as I was taking her to work).

    I know there will be a lot more to update once we have all been here the next couple days and I will log in to update either Sunday night/Monday. On my health, other than the apnea being treated (sleep lab done, trial CPAP machine using variable settings until they find the right one for me over the next month while I sleep), I have mostly a bill of good health from the Doctor (blood pressure 120/80, prostate good, working on losing another 30 pounds to bring me back to ideal health), though the blood work I have requested I will find out the results when I see him on Tuesday (I have been borderline hypno-thyroid for more than 15 years and at the limits of natural maintenance routines, and I am having my testosterone levels checked including the bio-identical test which is the only one of the tests I have to pay for in Canada. But, as the plan is going, within 4-6 months I should be back in the shape of a man in his late 20s/early 30s (which is part of my 43rd Birthday present to myself, along with my annual Birthday Disney weekend during my florida vacation. So the girls have done something good for me and got me motivated to be in much better physical condition, and yes, both Mandy and Sarah have been noticing some of these changes in me of late.

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    09/28/2012 at 1:55 am

    Well, it has been quiet on here this week, no one updating their journals.
    Well, I fly home tonight from Vegas, File 3 would have been left playing from when I flew out until Monday night – I deliberately set up the windows update to reboot my computer then so the file would be turned off when mr. west was back at my house – no point in having Sarah feel the wonderful relaxing feeling when I am not there and he is around.
    He apparently left yesterday and Sarah asked how she could get on My computer so she could access a TV show that I first showed her the first week during her training – she gets to watch it again tomorrow when I am back home and I have the subliminals playing again.
    I only have the one day with her, Saturday she is off to her family’s for a big birthday party for her son (his birthday was last week which she treated him to a separate event at the time). Then she will be back on Sunday. I will update when I see how she behaves upon my return tomorrow.

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    09/21/2012 at 1:25 pm

    Well, I have the other custom sledgehammers from Trainer now and am looking forward to playing them for Sarah – I will be leaving number 3 on when I leave for vegas tomorrow – it will be interesting to see if the speakers are still on when I return in a week.
    This is probably the last update until I return from Vegas, but if anything comes up in the next 24 hours before I fly out, I will advise.

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    09/17/2012 at 11:54 pm

    I figured I might as well – not the ownership set – but His Happiness has been playing – I dont know what will sink in with her, but we shall see.

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    09/17/2012 at 12:41 pm

    Just a quick update – Sarah has been in the city the last couple days (and I am giving her a chance to miss me). But, what was accidentally discovered the day she left and since, Mandy does not hear the sledgehammers (no complaints of the tone like with the old files). A file was left on when Sarah left and Mandy has not turned off the speakers since – so as I continue to program Sarah while she is in town (returning here Wednesday) I no longer have to worry about Mandy turning off the speakers.
    I have ordered the rest of the customized ownership set from Trainer and will be playing it when Sarah returns in a couple days, then leave it on while I am away in Vegas next week.

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    09/13/2012 at 10:30 pm

    Well, the revelation may not happen tonight – we discovered this afternoon that Mandy is coming home tonight, right at about the same time Sarah finishes work.
    Ill just continue playing it by ear.

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    09/13/2012 at 1:12 pm

    It has been a few days so time for an update.

    First off, I have been playing the custom sledgehammer (female Ownership 1) my custom normal (female ownership3) and his happiness with Sarah for the past week. but her life has gotten complicated – mr. west has temporarily an apartment in the city for the next 10 days and as of yesterday Sarah is staying there except for when she is working. They also found an apartment to move into at the end of the month. Mandy is still nowhere to be seen or heard from, so at this point we have no clue if she is returning or not.

    Sarah will be staying here tonight after work, then is returning to the city tomorrow after work. Next week she will be here from Wednesday onwards, including when I go to Vegas to watch My dog. mr. west will not be here until a week from Saturday – when his boss returns and he can no longer use the temp apartment – so I wont see him before leaving for Vegas.

    It is hard to tell how Sarah has been affected of late, before going into the city yesterday, Sarah spend the previous few days with mr. west without me around – to go into the city to look at apartments and a date night with him. Sarah did make a comment about having me stay over with them at their new place in the city – a situation I should avoid so she can miss me (ill use my allergy to shellfish and mr. west’s employment in an oyster bar as my excuse) – I didnt mention anything at the time because I did not want to spoil her new apartment high.

    So tonight seems to be the make or break point at this time – something I need to do very delicately. I am picking her up from work at 10:30, where we will go somewhere nice for work (ill have the custom sledgehammer playing on my phone). I think tonight the key will be talking with her about how much I enjoy having her around, that after being a hermit for so long how much I will miss her company, basically working with her to start to open up and trigger the programming she has been receiving for the last 2 months. Not completely revealing myself, but admitting how quiet it was around with her not around this week and how I am enjoying our one alone night. At home I will have file 3 playing.

    Since tomorrow is payday, I will go ahead and get the custom sledgehammers for files 2 and 3, and hopefully trainer will have time to have them ready when Sarah returns on Wednesday. I want to get the lock-in and missing me completely bound in her before I leave for Vegas, so that even if mr. west is still here with her that week, my absence will be deeply felt by her. (I am hoping that feeling will start building in her over this weekend until she returns next Wednesday that my absence is truly felt in her while she is in the city).

    So basically it is time to let nature, and her programming, begin to work it’s magic. Any advice between now and 9pm tonight for any suggestions or comments on my plans today are greatly appreciated, and comments for my basically being silent with her from tomorrow till her return Wednesday is also greatly appreciated.

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    09/08/2012 at 5:36 pm

    How long have you been playing the His Happiness Sledgehammer for her?

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