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    07/31/2012 at 1:41 am

    I’ve stopped playing all the files for the time being. I got my hands on a copy of Mark Cunningham’s Erotic Hypnosis. I’ve hypnotized my wife several times, but nothing like this.

    He has a very good slave training video. He conditions obedience to pleasure. The more they obey, the more pleasure they receive. He continues to ramp everything up to where they need to be hypnotized and feel pleasure, and will do anything to get it. If i can figure out how to tie that conditioning in with files, oh boy.

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    07/10/2012 at 10:28 pm

    After reading other posts and more info on the site, i have rewritten my file. I am using a 3 prong format for each line. For example, the line is “I am submissive.”

    Line 1 I am submissive

    Line 2 It is ok to be submissive

    Line 3 , you are submissive

    Every line goes through this format. We’ll see how this works for a month.

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    07/07/2012 at 12:31 pm

    I was driving home last night from work when I had an idea. I wonder how the use of the phrase “It’s ok to…” would work. Such as “It’s ok to give him BJ tonight” “It’s ok to submit to him” etc.

    Since the subliminal messages rely upon her self talk, this should work because she’s giving herself permission to do something.

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    07/05/2012 at 5:55 pm

    Quote from Fizbin on July 5, 2012, 14:49
    OK, first, could you elaborate on her being more and more submissive, but not in the way you want? In other words, what has changed, and what has not, that you have asked for? Also, if you could indicate what has been in the files, that would be helpful.

    She has become more submissive wife towards things that, in my opinion don’t matter, but she used to have to have her way on. For example, we were going to watch a movie the other night; i was tired and really didnt want to watch anything specific but did not want a chick flick. I asked her opinion, she gave it but was very much willing to eatch anything i wanted. On things that i do find important and do express my desires about, she is still rather resistant.

    Second, the idea of the subliminals is that they will be absorbed into her as though they were her own thoughts. This means that the affirmations should be in a form that reflects how a woman talks to herself. “Self-talk” tends to be brief and to the point.

    Take these two phrases from your script above:
    It helps relax me to watch tv in bed when I can.
    Watching tv in bed is relaxing.

    The second is likely to be far more effective than the first. If she has it embedded that “Watching TV in bed is relaxing”, she will automatically tend toward that when she feels she needs to relax. Then, you can follow that up with thoughts like: “I need to relax more often” or “I need to take more time to relax”, maybe even “I love to relax after putting the boys to bed”.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will make adjustmemts.

    On her top. If the room is cold, then she’s going to be cold too, and her subconscious will reject anything to the contrary in the long term. (Stage hypnosis effects are much more “in the moment” than long-term behaviors or triggers, and require on the spot adjustment by the ’tist in order to work at all.) Consider other ways to make her more comfortable without her top that are appropriate to your environment and compatible with her morals.

    Funny, last night she commented that she was really hot when in bed. I keep the thermometer on 72 year round. If she says the same thing tonight, i will suggest that she can take off her gown to cool off.

    Also, does she actually refer to you as “my husband ” on a day to day basis? Unless we’re introducing someone, we usually think of them in terms of their name, or their title – perhaps interchangeably, but not both together. For example you probably think of “the boys”, or think of “Jimmy and Mike”, depending on the context. You probably don’t think about “the boys, Jimmy and Mike”.

    Anyway, those are my first thoughts…

    I sincerely appreciate the comments. I’ll make several changes based upon them. I’m thinking of adding that her gown kerps getting twisted, its uncomfortable, etc.

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    07/01/2012 at 10:56 pm

    I’m annoyed. While my wife is acting more and more submissive, they’re not in the areas I want her to act submissive in.

    I’ve wondered before if it is possible to get quicker results by making files that are small changes in her current behavior instead of trying for huge behavior changes.

    I’ve written out a custom file where I have the following goals in mind:

    1. Have her watch tv in the bedroom after the boys go to bed. This is where my laptop is, playing the files. She already does this off and on, but I want her to constantly be in the bedroom, where she can listen to the files.

    2. I want her to be watching tv in bed with her top off. She always says that she’s cold. I want her to feel warm while lying in bed, so warm that she’ll want to take her top off. While I do enjoy seeing her with her top off, this is mainly a way to see that the file is working.

    3. She loves me. I know she loves me, but this establishes a base line for future files.

    4. Pink is her favorite color. I know pink is her favorite color, but as above, this is to establish a base line for future files.

    5. She will tell me about her day dreams. I future files, I want to try and direct her day dreams, so I will need to know what she is day dreaming about.

    6. She finds me physically attractive. The reason for this is obvious. She says that she’s still attracted to me, but I used to be in way better shape when we first started dating.

    Here’s the text of the file.

    I enjoy watching tv in bed after the boys go to bed.

    It helps relax me to watch tv in bed when I can.

    Watching tv in bed is relaxing.

    I feel safer lying in bed waiting for to come home from work.

    Lying in bed makes me feel warm

    I get hot lying in bed waiting for to come home from work.

    Taking my top off in private will help me cool off.

    I feel more comfortable lying in bed with my top off.

    is my husband

    I love my husband very much

    Pink is my favorite color

    I like to share my day dreams with my husband

    I am physically attracted to my husband

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    06/29/2012 at 10:56 pm

    Very cool. Gota figure a way to use this.

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    06/27/2012 at 1:17 am

    Creating triggers would be awesome.

    I keep brainstorming about how to word a file to make my wife basically a nympo. Knowing the female mind, thought process, and motivations would be great.

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