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    So I’ve been at the files for a while now, been running a rather long winded all in one hodgepodge type file for a year plus, and while it seems like it has stuck somewhat there was a certain stagnation after a period (i realized that there were no files playing for a good two months plus a while back) so I figured why not change it up, so I put on His Happiness again for a few weeks to reinforce general wilingness to please and came up with a new custom centered on things I’ve gathered over time.

    She is never really an instigator of things, and has remarked a few times that she gets turned on by going down on me, but dangit she never does it, so I made a blowjob-centric custom and It’s a hit so far. Not even that she’s going down on me more, I think on a subconscious level she’s thinking about something that turns her on all day, and man it seems to be working. More often then not since i started the file she’ll remark she wants to if we’re unable to for whatever reason (read kids) which is a huge step forward.

    I hope nobody minds I started a new journal, couldn’t find my old one, beyond this latest development not much to report, slow and steady progress.

    Just to test the short highly repetitive style I threw in a line about “I grab every chance i get” and sure enough she’s went for it a few times so far (maybe 4 weeks in) the first time was a few hours after starting back up. Another instance we had to run some errands the other day and I said “you’re probably gonna just grab me and tease me the way there and the way back” and she was flabbergasted I knew what she was thinking (didn’t happen, but hey it’s the thought that counts).

    I think going back to qwerty and tap’s ideas about using the wording she would use to think it helps a hell of a lot, but sometimes it’s hard to nonchalantly ask how she words things in her own head. In particular thoughts which she’s been conditioned to believe are “naughty” or too taboo.

    Well that’s my rambling for today

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    09/05/2015 at 3:38 am

    Congratulations! Glad to hear that things are back on track. Come around more often (might not be as hard to find things – at least until Trained decides to tweak the site again… 😉 )

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