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    11/12/2014 at 3:46 am

    Well, I am working on my first custom script at this point (dishgloves… nice, neutral, low impact but with a clear metric for success….)

    I’m switching voices for ‘you’ vs. ‘meI’

    I’ve also found that if you want to lower the pitch, you need to use absmiddle not middle, otherwise you get a gradiating effect over multiple lines…. Took me a couple of run throughs to figure out what was going on with that one…

    How much of a pause do you folks put between linesthought blocks, as a general rule of thumb? Right now I’m going with .35 after a ‘you’ and .25 between the ‘want
    eedwill’ reinforcement lines

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    11/22/2014 at 12:02 am

    With Amy’s voice, I placed 2 seconds between each affirmation. With Zira’s voice, I only put 0.5 seconds because she pauses longer after every affirmation.

    My whole thing with that is whatever is long enough, so the affirmation is clearly heard alone and distinct. If there is not an adequate pause, your wife may hear the wrong affirmation. For example consider:

    I am submissive to my husband.
    Obeying my husband, makes me happy.

    If the lines are said to quickly one after the other, she might hear:

    I am submissive to.
    My husband obeying my husband, makes me happy.

    I noticed Amy talks quickly sometimes so I had to put the 2 seconds. It all depends on how the automated voice says it. My recommendation is to close your eyes, not reading along, and play it normally. Listen to it as if you were the subject, and see if how the automated voice talks comes off naturally and well understood.

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