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    01/16/2014 at 10:58 pm

    I am new to the site, so I don’t have much to report. I am just going to keep track of what I do and how it works.
    My wife and I are in our 50s and the children are both out of the house so it seemed like now is a good time to experiment. I have downloaded both the Amy converter and the silent converter and am starting with both of those for a week or so. I am playing them all night and since she works in a home office, she will be listening most of the day. I should add that she is unaware that I am playing these. After reading the scripts I felt like it would be important to use these to open her subconscious to whats next. I think after the converters I plan on using the happy husband and possibly the one for weight loss since that is something she would like to do anyway. She is actually working on it already so that may help her. I am planning on sticking with those for at least a month since I keep reading how you have to be patient.
    Thats it for now…I’ll keep this updated as I start to see results!

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    01/16/2014 at 11:41 pm

    Good luck. Yes patience is a virtue here. I have myself been an endless tinkerer and fiddler for the past 2 months. It hasn’t all been a loss, I have learned things, and become a better script writer for it. But it has definitely delayed progress.you are older so hopefully you will be more patient with it. I usually am patient in other areas of my life, but I was a bit desperate and downtrodden when I got here, so that likely fueled my behavior for awhile. I also enjoy writing for the sake of writing, so when I get that itch now, I simply open up textaloud, and writea script based off some idea I got. But I no longer do anything with those scripts but put them in the wings.

    Sounds like u got a good plan. Stick with it and use your time while you are waiting for other scripts to work to plan out future months. The journal especially helps you chart progress on a script like His Happiness, as it isn’t always overtly easy to spot progress early on.

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    01/17/2014 at 3:49 am

    Welcome Tinman:

    There are several of us here in the 50+ club so you are in good company.

    I echo what others have said.
    Slow and steady is the best (perhaps only) way to go.
    Watch for headaches at first but for me at least these stopped after a couple days.

    I decided to go with the Gold Membership so I could build my own customs but essentially they are personalized variants of the standard scripts.
    I started with the Converter for a couple of weeks then added a custom His Happiness.
    After another week I dropped the converter and added a second script.
    Some variant of His Happiness is a foundation in most of our play lists.
    The other scrips you use will depend on your goals for improving your marriage / life.
    I would plan on playing a script for at least a month before making changes.
    Too many changes too quickly will probably be counter productive.
    The community here is very supportive so feel free to ask questions or request advice.

    My wife also works from home and so most of the time it is full immersion.
    I have one player in the bedroom (an old smart phone) and one in the open living room / her office (an old PC on the shelf).
    Initially I would say my scripts were too long and I have been shortening them down to less than 30 lines with multiple reps of the important ones.
    I also try to use one one theme in a script with a progression of thought as it goes along.

    Best of luck – keep us updated on your success or setbacks.

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    01/17/2014 at 2:25 pm

    Welcome Tinman,
    Slow and steady definitely wins the race here and ask questions because there is a wroth of knowledge and experience within this group. That being said in my experience the more she accepts one script the quicker she will accept the next, so using the weight loss script to help her with her weight loss is a smart move.
    Again welcome tinman and good luck.

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    01/17/2014 at 5:36 pm

    Thanks for all your input!! Qwerty, you touched on something I was counting on. I thought if I started with the scripts I thought she would easily accept, it may pave the way for the more difficult ideas. Her mind would be used to the subliminals and more accepting of new ideas. She is already a “pleaser” in some ways so pleasing her husband is something she does try to do, so the two I want to start with should be easier for her to accept than the ones for submission will be. I was thinking that this is possibly a year long process?? At least to get to the point where I can see her mind set change to a more submissive role in our home. If nothing else…this will teach me patience!!

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    01/19/2014 at 12:37 pm

    My wife started listening to the subliminals on January 16th, so I would say that for the past 3 days she has been immersed in them for about 18 hours a day. I actually have her sleeping with earbuds because I told her about the one for weight loss and she was excited to try it. She is listening to the silence converter and weight loss on a loop right now. I was wondering if anyone thought that it was better to listen with the ear buds or do you think you get the same effect just having in on in the room? I am planning to add the happy husband to the loop after she has been on these two for a week. She has no idea how to use the mp3 player that I gave her, so I will add to her list without her knowledge. She would actually never think to look. She is pleased already with the results of the weight loss script. She seems to feel that, yesterday especially, it was easier to make good food choices. I believe that her co-operation on listening will help things move along at a faster pace. I am starting to understand why it’s so hard to be patient!! Can’t wait to get started on the scripts that I am interested in!!

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    01/19/2014 at 2:08 pm

    Having a silent on and playing nearby her is effective, but obviously earbuds is the most effective because she is getting the message delivered without interference or obstacle right into her ear.

    As far as the mp3 player goes, if it has a screen or anything that would suggest the song name, you can rename the song to something like Weight Loss Phase 2 or something. If it displays track name though that wont work

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    01/19/2014 at 2:49 pm

    Actually, in most cases, you can right click on the file, select “properties”, details tab and update track name in the info section. You can also build albums using the album name field (e.g. Album name – Faster Weight Loss, Track Names – Phase 1, Phase 2, good food Choices, etc.).
    Another tip, when finishing up a file, clear all properties as otherwise it will leave all the “microsoft Anna” and other properties text aloud automatically builds into files produced. Click on highlight “remove properties and personal information” then repopulate appropriately. Just a good way to keep the audit trail clean.

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    01/19/2014 at 4:44 pm

    Thanks for the information on how to build the file, that was very helpful. I think as long as I can keep her listening because SHE wants to, the better success I’ll see.

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    01/19/2014 at 5:45 pm


    Great that your wife is listening with ear buds.
    As you start adding some other files you may want to add suggestions that she enjoys/ wants / needs to listen to them.

    Also, anything you could do to support her weight loss goals will likely pay double dividends.
    Lot’s of positive reinforcement, of course but also positively supporting her make good food choices / exercise etc.
    All proven weight loss techniques that will help her associate listening to the files with a positive outcome.

    Best of Luck.

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    01/20/2014 at 11:18 am

    With earbuds, I would just suggest being extra careful with volume of the files. In fact, since she has awareness of their existence, if not precise nature, I suggest trying the rain route.
    Also, I agree completely on the renaming and editing the properties…

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    01/25/2014 at 2:16 am

    Welcome to the site.


    I recommend that. It’s more comfortable to wear, and you won’t be exposed to her subliminals.

    However, I think it might have been a mistake to tell her your playing it unless she accepts the idea of you “training” her to be submissive. Some wives on this website have, but most don’t know they are being used.

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    01/25/2014 at 6:14 am

    It is definitely better when she’s at least willing to listen. In your case she actually wants to, which i think is even better. i don’t really know if ear buds are any more effective, than just having them playing through speakers I only remember on member using headphones, so with all the success different ones have had, MHO is that it probably doesn’t matter.

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    01/25/2014 at 2:07 pm

    Yes I second Fizbins concerns over volume. Most devices are set up to allow higher volumes for headphone usage (who knows why). And ultrasonic frequencies with too much volume, especially in your ear, WILL damage your hearing. Hell normal music even slightly louder has been shown to do that with constant headphone music.

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    01/25/2014 at 7:55 pm


    I will second the endorsement for the “Sleephones” product. I got my girl one and she loves it. She’s hard of hearing and can crank them up pretty good and listen without deafening me. She uses them a lot at night time. Warning though – you have to get the speakers at exactly the right spot in the headband – or else they’re not loud enough. You get them positioned correctly and they’re fine.

    As for volume, I believe I’ve seen elsewhere on this site that one needs to set the volume as you would for any normal music type file and leave it there. If I remember correctly, that’s what was intended.

    I could be wrong though – it happened once before.


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    02/14/2014 at 2:33 am

    Just reporting in to those who are interested. Going well, I think. My wife is listening to I Love You Husband, His Happiness and just added the new I love Sex Pro. She seems to be reacting exactly how I was hoping. I am not looking to change her in any big way, just trying to make her more comfortable with letting me be the head in the home. She has such a great mind for business and is such a strong personality, that the biggest problem we have always had has been for her to take a “back seat” to me in the home. I do not necessarily want her to be my slave, would just like for her to defer to me in our personal life. She really would like to be better at this, and I think that’s why it’s working so well. She seems so much calmer with me lately, and asks my opinion about things. She is a great salesperson, but not so great with the finances of the business sometimes…hates the paperwork part. I have been asking her to let me run the financial part for at least 9 months and we have had several fights about it. Two weeks ago, she handed all of that over to me and I had not asked about it. It has made her much calmer and at peace I think. I am convinced that she is relieved to not have to be strong all the time and she seems much happier since. Listening to the programs has paved the way for some changes to her personality that I think make her a happier person overall.
    On another note, our sex life is usually good, the only ongoing complaint is that I’d like her to initiate sex with me. Well, the other evening she was really late getting home from work and didn’t call to let me know. It was a Friday and we had plans so I was a little angry. Well, she asked what time we were expected and how much time did we have before we had to leave. I told her and she came over to my chair, got on her knees and started to unzip my pants. She said since she caused the bad mood, she thought she should see if she could improve it. Well, I got my world rocked, let me tell you. In 30 years, that was the first time she was that forceful in initiating anything sexual. The subliminals work….

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    02/14/2014 at 3:16 am

    It’s been my experience that women begin to view sex as a chore later in life, some earlier than others. Some of it is libido. But it sounds like the love sex, combined with what appears to be her relaxing at home due to you removing some of her burden, gave her libido the one two punch it needed to be kickstarted enough for initiation. I know my wife never initiates unless she is both very horny and well relaxed.

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