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    Below is a collection of settings I learned when I went Gold. Most of this info can be found about the site or forum, but they were things that to me were not readily apparent from the get go.

    1. Set your speaking speed in TextAloud(or whatever software you use) down to about -5 or so. Some use even lower, but -5 is a good speed. Slower speaking will help the subconscious to absorb the info better. I missed this in the beginning and was using 0 speed and she was talking too fast.

    2. Use pauses. Some folks use 3-5 second pauses every few lines, between their paragraphs/idea blocks. Some use a smaller 2 second pauses between every statement. The idea is that the pause gives time for the subconscious to absorb the statement.

    3. If using TextAloud, go to Tools>>Audio File Options>>File options. Set Audio format to Wav(PCM). Set Bit/Sample rate to its highest: 44,100 khz 16 bit Stereo. This will make the voice exported much clearer and natural sounding. When I first started I used the default, which was a 8 bit setting, and Amy did not sound clear or natural. This also saves you a step in Audacity as the Project Rate will be 44,100khz already. This info was buried in one of Trainer’s videos on the site.

    4. Make use of the TextAloud Menu option: Tools>>Pauses and Text Insertions. You can set up a rule to insert a pause of any amount before or after the article, between sentences, or after a new line. The new line is good if you like to insert a pause between idea blocks. It keeps your scripts more readable.

    5. Always extend file in Audacity to 10+ minutes or more. Since most people use multiple scripts, it is less effective to bounce around between files every minute or two. You can do this easily with the Effect>>Repeat command in Audacity when you have finished your other steps.

    6. When you tell Audacity to export your file to mp3, take the opportunity to edit the properties in the window it provides, specifically, the Song title. This may save you some headache should your girl get a hold of your player and wonder why you have a song titled ‘Suck my dick you nasty whore’ playing or some such…lol

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    02/24/2014 at 1:49 pm

    This is a good compilation of tips, Eldrin. One of the first things I did was edit the metadata so that if the missus happens to look at the player, she’ll just see (seemingly) random characters.

    I’m looking forward to re-doing the scripts I’m using as soon as I can get my hands on the voices. I’ll try out that 90hz nyquist setting as well. Good info regarding the reading speed.

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    Nice set of tips. I actually have a legend key I use for all my customs and each particular custom is a number. So if my wife or anyone looks at my files, it’s all numbers. Great way to hide it on my phones.

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    02/28/2014 at 2:41 am

    True. I just abbreviate mine. Like Happy Submissive slave is HSS. The app I use will show on the lock screen when you open it up along with the song title, so I did this just in case.

    I also archive all future, or unused scripts in Textaloud except the 2 or 3 I am currently using. Occasionally I look through the archived list, and try to improve what is there, or delete stuff that just didn’t seem to pan out as satisfactory.

    As far as actual encoded mp3’s I only keep around 2-3 I am using as well, plus any that I use on myself.
    Keeps me from bouncing around too much. And anything I perceive as needless clutter is distracting to me.

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