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    I was reading this article about creating sublimal messages and it was very informative.


    Below was interesting:

    “Message Statements for Embracing Changes

    Message Statements for Embracing ChangeAllowing oneself to change can be at times difficult, especially if the subconscious mind resists change of any type.

    Adding a few statements to your message script that target this is strongly advised.

    The purpose of these additional subliminal message statements is to suggest that change is allowed and embraced.

    Examples of what you can and may wish to include are as follows:

    I allow myself to change
    It is acceptable for changes to happen in my life
    I embrace changes in my life
    Changes in my life are good for me

    You need only consider including two or three statements in your message script that address this. These can be placed at any point in the script, but again it is suggested that you place them close to the beginning to reduce resistance from the subconscious mind to the subject messages that follow.”

    “If your final message script contains between the suggested 60 and 70 statements then a portion of these should be focused on sub-theme issues.

    Including about 10 statements for sub-issues is reasonable and represents only about 15% of the total number of statements.”

    It suggest the script should not be more than 70 statements. I am thinking of reducing my customs to that length and will see how it goes.

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