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    I’ve been trying for a long time to figure out a way to play the dream girls content to my wife (Negotiated, consensual submissive before we started subliminal, so she accepted that i’d be adding this to her training). I wanted her to be hearing them 24/7 or as close as possible and have been seeking a technology solution that was fairly hands off and automatic. What i eventually found was that since she had a Galaxy S5 phone on her person damn near 24/7, that was the obvious choice for speaker.

    Well, I finally found an easy way. I used to have the mp3s in her google play library and ordered her to play the playlist whenever she wasnt listening to music, but it became a chore and since it was silents i could not be sure she was following consistently. Then i discovered airplay and i have to say i think it’s THE best way to deliver the training from an audio technology perspective.

    My setup: Installed “Airplay Receiver” ($2.99) from google play store. Added 2 subliminals to a playlist in iTunes for Mac, set it to shuffle and repeat all. Set the speaker to her phone under airplay options, and voila. It goes pretty much automatically 24/7 and totally in the background. Silent subliminal? You can’t even tell its happening, as long as you uncheck “show notification” in the Airplay receiver app. The only problem is that it pauses when she leaves WiFi range, but i’m working on an applescript to re-start playback of the subliminal track on idle whenever the airplay speaker is detected which should automate the process. I’ll post that if i ever get it working!

    Good luck to you other gents. I’m not entirely sure the subliminal have any effect but i’ve only ever run them consistently for a week or so at a time before the hastle of bluetooth or plug-in tape decks got in the way – now i think i have a permanent fix https://dreamgirlsgt.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif

    (Actually, i’ve been using the ‘happy in slavery’ mp3 as an early one because i want to start by conditioning her to feel more joy about her surrender before working in anything sexual, and i can say she has been more positive and happier attitude in our interactions this week… could be working)

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