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    Hello everyone,
    Just joined a week ago.

    I’ve started my wife with the converters(silent, ocean, rain). I try to play the rain and ocean as often as I can, and leave the silent on during the day. I would switch it sometimes and play the silent all night long.

    I told her that I will be playing these ambient sounds when I’m home to help me relax and release stress from work. Which is is partly true because I have this big major project at work and I do work from home at night from our room. She believed me and doesn’t suspect what I’m doing. One funny thing she did say at day 3 was If i was trying to brainwash her with the sounds, she smiled and kept going with what ever she was doing. I guess she’s hearing the subliminals?

    I have a pair of speakers on the night stand on my side. I would leave them on at full volume and run the silents all day in the bedroom. I am often finding them off when I get home and of course I would turn them back on. I was thinking at first it was my little son turning them off if he happen to go by my side but one afternoon she told me I should turn them off because she could hear them hissing a bit. That explains why I found them off. I decide to lower them a bit so they are not as noticeable from 3 feet away. I still would find them off, I think because she sees the green line on them on. So I decided to move them and hide them… also because they are making my head feel numb from playing so much at night since they are next to me.

    I’ve decide to place them under the bed along the back wall. I’ve manage to place at least 1 speaker under her as close to the outer edge, the other speaker is probably half way down the wall with enough wire left to hook up my old iPhone 3. I’ve also told her what I have done so she doesn’t get surprised finding speakers under the bed because the ambient sounds are making my hearing a bit numb at night and it would be better under the bed. She rolled her eyes but was okay with it…

    I’m playing the silent and amy silent converters now starting on week 2 along with rain and ocean. I have the speaker and iphone volumes set to max for the silents.

    Do you guys think she will be able to hear the silents from the location they are now?

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    09/01/2014 at 4:10 pm

    Your wife may have good hearing, maybe better than yours if she can hear the hissing louder than you. In that case, you would have to turn the volume down.

    I think she would hear it well enough where you have your speakers. I myself have an old mp3 player on the side of the bed by the wall, where she sleeps. She must be hearing it since I’ve seen good results. You might be ok with just using your iphone without speakers, making it less noticeable. Also, just using all silents so she doesn’t know it’s playing might be a good idea.

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