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    Does it matter whether or not you play the recordings through a stereo device or a single speaker mono device? (Are the recordings in stereo or mono?). IE; does different script come through the right and left channels?

    Can silent script recordings be played too loudly? Can they damage your speakers or your ears?


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    12/13/2012 at 6:43 am

    While I think a couple of the files have slightly different patterns coming from the two channels, that’s probably more for enhancement of message absorption under ideal (headphone) conditions. As far as I know, there’s no actual binaural dependency.

    As for the “too loudly”, some older files that may be possible, but I think the latest ones are not likely to have that issue. I have heard that the frequencies, if pushed at full power through tweeter drivers not able to handle it could have issues. I’ve also read about excessively loud frequencies of any kind (even near-ultrasonic) being able to at least damage some inner ear structures (dislodging hairs in the cochlea springs to mind).

    Generally speaking, you should play the files here at volume settings comparable to those you would use for normally audible content (voice and music). The newer files can “handle” being played louder, simply because they are recorded at a much lower SP level to begin with. But, as with anything, YMMV.

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