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    02/22/2014 at 5:55 pm

    So far I’ve been running all silent scripts without her knowledge.

    I’ve been thinking I want add some lines in my His Happiness / Obey Husband script to address the subliminals.
    My first though was this would help avoid / minimize a problem if the silents were ever discovered.
    Kind of an insurance policy.

    Something along the lines of:
    I love listening to <> subliminal files.
    <> knows what is best for me.
    Listening to <> files is good for me.

    At some point i would like her to know about the subliminals but want to make sure it does not create a crisis.
    If she were already conditioned to accept them it would be easier to introduce.
    I would like her to try some hypnosis files at some point as well.
    I’m thinking of creating a script specifically to encourage hypnosis, make her more susceptible, enjoy being in trance, go deeper into trance, etc.
    Does anyone have a script on this they would be willing to share ?

    Thoughts ?

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    02/22/2014 at 6:48 pm

    This is one that I worked towards for a long time. My wife is still opposed to hypnosis, but has accepted that I am playing subliminals to improve our marriage. She caught me using subliminal recordings years ago to arouse her, and for years, was suspicious of any subliminals I wanted to play. It has taken a lot of work, both through subliminals and talking with her to overcome that. I think the biggest key to her accepting listening to the files is instilling the faith and trust, that I know what’s best for our marriage,and that I would only use it for her good.So towards that end, getting her to accept that you are in fact in charge and her master, is a good foundation to build this on. In my case, our faith was a big help, as there is a large community of Christian women, who advocate respect and submission in marriage. I know there are several men of faith in this community, can’t remember your personal view in this. I was conflicted about using the files without her knowledge, so it was a huge relief to be able to be open about using subliminal files on my wife. I could go on, but really would like to get your thoughts on what I’ve put forth so far,before going any further.

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    02/22/2014 at 9:35 pm

    I think everyone in this community, has found an equally like minded Buddy who has similar values and wives and how to approach their problems.

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    02/23/2014 at 1:08 am


    I agree with Eldriin – I have found a community of like minded fellows and am very thankful for it.
    To answer your quesiton… My wife and I are both deeply spiritual and from a Christian tradition. I would say we are both people of faith but are not necessary in an organized religion way. That said, I do support people in whatever faith they choose and believe faith and/or spirituality (however one chooses to define it) play a critically important role in our lives. I have no issue in using ones religious belief as part of a subliminal. This is part of who she is and, IMHO, has to part of the mix of any custom script.

    Historically our marriage was one where we considered each other as equals. While this made sense (to some degree) when we were both perusing careers I now know that this was not really conducive to a long term happy relationship. While we really love each other we ended up being more roomates with occasional benefits. Now she does expect me to lead the relationship and is much happier with me in a more dominant role.

    I agree that findamentally this quesiton all comes down to creating trust and her knowing I am doing what is right for her. I wish I were confident enough in that belief to just tell her what to do and have her do it without question – not there yet. I too was a bit conflicted as well but then I realized everything that was in my scripts was positive messaging. Some of it obviously sexual but all completely positive. As I saw her become dramtiacally happier with our relationship, her sexuality and life in general my conflicted feelings disappeared. Now it is really just more of an issue of wanting to be more open about the subliminals and hopefully to pave the way to her doing hypnosis files as well.

    The desire to do the hypnosos files really comes from my first serious girlfriend (35+ years ago) who was a natural subject. A good mutual friend was an amature hypnotist and he routinely put her into trance. I once went with her to the dentist to have cavities filled wihout anesthesia. She didn’t feel a thing. He helped her imensely get through some really crappy childhood issues including some abiuse. As she worked through those issues her sexuality blossomed and I was the lucky receipent. I now recognize she was also very submissive and there is alot about submissive women that I enjoy and want in my life now. Perhaps it is just impatience since I am pretty sure I can get there with the subliminals alone.

    I welcome any suggestions you can give. I appriate everyone’s approach is slightly different but I always find something of value from the feedback that I then tailor to my own situation.

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    02/23/2014 at 2:27 am

    I can appreciate the wariness of organized religion.I myself was involved with a Christian fellowship that, I believe severely damaged both my faith, and my marriage. I’m currently not connected to any church or denomination.The thing we have in our favor is that the Bible directly states that the husband is to rule over the wife.
    From what you’ve said it seems as if your struggling with your role as her second lord. I do too. In my personal belief, however, I figure that if I’m going to be held accountable for my wife, as I believe I am, I ought to have the final say in everything.With this in mind I wrote my Jesus as Lord script. There may be some benefit to look and see if there’s something there you can use. Also, there’s a couple blogs for women I would recommend highly. The Peaceful Wife, The Forgiven Wife are ones I encourage my wife to read. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any such blogs for husbands.
    As far as scripting ideas to encourage subliminals, my approach was to talk to her about how our minds are constantly being bombarded with the views of our culture, therefore the subliminal files are simply a way to train our thoughts to counteract the predominate views of feminist society.
    Some lines that might be helpful:
    I need my husband to retrain my mind.
    I need to insist on God’s plan for my marriage.
    Positive suggestions through out the day,would be so good for me, and my marriage.
    My husband could help me so much with this.
    I will ask him to help me to train my mind to be a submissive wife.
    I will ask him to teach me how to be the submissive wife God intends me to be.

    These are just off the top of my head, to give you something to start with. I trust that others can give suggestions on improving and crafting your script to suit your needs. Good luck in all you endevours (even though I don’t believe in luck). I look forward to reading your updates and successes in you marriage.

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