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    01/16/2015 at 8:40 pm

    Hey folks…

    Have a question here I’m troubleshooting, trying to figure out a root cause.

    Oddly enough, I’m working with my slave-wife, performing some subliminal trainingconditioning… (I know… I mean, in this forum? What a strange occurrence! *grin*)

    A question recently came up (as you guys know, my slave-wife is aware and consenting to the files being played) from her, and I’m not sure of the answer.

    Files are played from my computer, usually in the evening, while we are both on our systems.
    Speakers are fairly high end Logitech, set to about 60-70% of max, PC volume is set to about 70-80% of max.
    Speakers are aimed towards her, with an approximate average distance of 10′.
    Speakers are positioned about 4 ft. apart, but she sits at the approximate aimed intersection point.
    Her left side is closer to my computer, but her right side is about 2′ from a wall, so I’m expecting reflection to get right ear exposure
    There is an air filter in the room, and a humidifier, so there are other ambient sounds on constantly.
    There is also an air filter and humidifier in the bedroom at night, so the room is not in complete silence.
    Ambient sound levels in bedroom and ‘conditioning area’ are roughly the same (if I get bored, I’ll get a decibel meter for my phone and check sometime)
    All files (both at the moment…) are ‘silent’ following the creation process to the letter, and using TextAloud (two voices for call and response model) as the TTS source at this time.

    Now, previously, when I was using the ‘stock’ files, I believe that I had the volume too loud, across the board, and after a while, she was getting some headaches from time to time. We took a bit of a break while I finished developing our own custom files, and after about two weeks, started again (her well being is more important…)

    Since changing to custom files and reducing the overall volume levels, the headaches have ceased, but occasionally, she’ll hear a bit of ringing in her ears at night while laying in near silence.

    When I listen to the speakers myself (ear within 12″) I can occasionally hear some scratches, hisses and pops, which I believe to be normal… but I personally do not note this ringing at night. (Although, possibly due to psychosomatic reaction, I am hearing a bit of ringing in my ears as I write this, with the files not playing at all yet tonight (we were running errands…))

    Is this a common occurrence or side effect? Has it been noted by anyone else?

    I would appreciate any and all feedback, and if those of you who are openly working with your subjects would inquire of them if this is an issue for them, it would be appreciated…

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    01/17/2015 at 9:38 am

    I believe there should be no reason for her to hear ringing. It may be psychological on her part meaning she simply does not want to listen to the subliminals that are changing her thinking. She rebels by saying she has headaches or ringing in her ears.

    To test this theory, try not playing the subliminals for a night, but don’t let her know about it. To her everything should be playing as normal. If she still says she hears ringing or headaches, then obviously it’s not the subliminals.

    That is one advantage of not letting your gf/spouse know what you are playing. It takes a lot for someone to willingly be fed affirmations that may go against their core beliefs. This is especially if she knows the affirmations that are being said to her. Now I’m not saying this is the reason for sure, but even subconscously this may be her inner self rebelling to hearing the subliminals without directly telling you she doesn’t want it. Since she is your slave, she couldn’t directly tell you.

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    01/17/2015 at 12:13 pm

    She is my slave, but after almost two decades, we’re well past the point of her not communicating clearly with me. (Remember, the most important part of of a D/s relationship is the ‘relationship’ portion.

    One of the things that I’ve been doing to be aboveboard (as I’ve mentioned previously, I think that trust is of the utmost importance, and doing this kind of thing non-consensually is a good way to either torpedo a relationship (cause, you know, Murphy’s Law)) is to ask her if she would like me to playfor her to listen to the files. I’ve told her the content of the custom files, and made the TTS scripts available to her. We’ve even pulled a few things out which were too objectionable at the time (has also entered my mind that those bits could have somewhat been responsible for the headaches, due to a reactance like response…)

    This morning when I asked, she told me it was ok, I didn’t have to ask her, as long as they were only playing while I was home at this time (so, she’s getting about 6 hours of exposure a day, I don’t play them at night as we’re trying to make our bedroom powered electronics free while we sleep, which frankly does seem to result in better sleep quality). Previously, I was running them around 14 hours a day.

    So, with her not even wanting to be asked if it’s ok to play them, I suspect this isn’t a reactanceresistance issue, but more of an honest ‘does anybody else experience this’ gentle curiosity on her part… We even had the discussion that if the headaches come back, we’ll just take a day or two off, then resume (her suggestion BTW)

    If you look at my discussion of reworking the silent converter, you can read what I’m playing BTW…

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    01/19/2015 at 6:31 pm

    LordIceWing, see


    I started it in part because of this thread. I also started noticing ringing myself in my own ears maybe because I focused in more after this thread, something I didn’t notice before.

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