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    09/21/2014 at 12:00 am

    Out of curiosity, has anybody done anything with the Neurosky EEG technology set?

    I picked up a Force Trainer toy at the thrift store yesterday for $12 and already found some sites that talk about how to interface it to an Arduino setup… This led me to some further research, which includes some more advanced (and expense) EEG tech gadgets… (I’m going to poke around on kickstarter, I’ve already got a pair of OwnPhones backed and should get them in April.

    Edit: Emotiv Insight was another one I found, but missed the kickstarter for.

    Was wondering if anybody had done anything with these kinds of things to know when your subject is in the optimal state (Theta IIRC) or utilize it to get better conditioning results…

    Also, does anybody have any experience with Neuro-Programming application, or Mind Workstation? Or any other software packages?

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    09/21/2014 at 5:41 pm

    I have the Emotive Epoc and Mind Workstation. I am disapointed in the Epoc. It is uncomfortable to wear, it is difficult to get all the sensors the right spots to work, and if you move your head it you lose the sensor connections. Even if you get it working right the pads dry out fairly quickly and you have to re-wet them. Way too cheesy feeling and difficult to use for me to be able recommend. It might be great once you figure out how to make it actually work but it was simply too much hassle to keep messing with it.

    Mind workstation is great and I use it frequently both for myself and for my wife.
    It is an incredibly flexible tool to create entrainment files.
    Fairly easy to learn the basics but you can also get really advanced as well.
    Great support forum with lots of folks contributing and quick answers from the programmers.

    I have not used the two together due to the issues with the Epoc.

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    09/21/2014 at 6:00 pm

    From the kickstarter page for the Insight

    The Emotiv Insight uses a special polymer biosensor system that offers great electrical conductivity of the brain signals, but does not require any conductive gel or saline solution. So there’s no preparation whatsoever. Yes, we said it, DRY SENSORS!

    So, the new tech may resolve that particular issue.

    Well, I’m interested in Mind WorkStation, but man is it pricey!

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    09/22/2014 at 2:13 pm

    You can try out Neuro Progammer 3 Ultimate Edition.
    Gives you a lot of the functions of MWS for far less.

    If you want to try a MWS background file let me know and I can make one for you / the group.
    I was going to do one when the upload feature was available.
    Might be able to sedn it to trainer and have him post it.
    Alternatively I could put it up on soundcloud.

    I figured a group of 3 files – one descending entrainment file, one steady state at high theta file, and one ascending entrainment file (wake up)
    I would use the same background sounds so you could loop them to get any length file you wanted.
    Add your own messaging on top and you would be good to go.

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