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    I’m working on a script to eliminate controlling behavior through sex. The concept I’m trying to get across, is her taking responsibility for making sure I’m sexually satisfied. My problem is how to phrase that without being negative, or making a conditional. My wife is extremely sensitive to criticism,extremely easy to mold via subliminals, yet very simple and easily confused. I was thinking along the lines of Trainers, ” My schedule” , as in my setting a frequency schedule, and her being responsible to stick to it. We’ve tried this by verbal agreement before, but she never sticks to it, and if I say anything she feels pressured, but still does nothing about it.I’m looking for a way to remind her of her responsibility, without making her feel pressured. Thoughts anyone?

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    03/16/2014 at 10:20 am

    Combined with a posted (written) schedule perhaps…

    Here’s some suggestions:

    I have an important job.
    My husband’s sexual happyness is my important job.
    Doing my sexy job is my purpose in life.
    I take responsibility for my husbands sexual needs.
    My purpose is to give my husband sexual satisfaction.
    I am responsible for fulfilling my husbands sexual desires.
    It pleases me to do my sexual job on time.
    I always satisfy my husband when I should.
    I perform my jobs sexy duties by having sex with my husband.
    I fulfill my purpose by pleasing my husband.
    I love and please my husband by satisfing him on time.
    My gift to my husband is to always be on time for sex.
    I always give my husband sex when I should.
    My husband is happy when I am on time with sex.
    I am happy when I am obedient in doing my sexual job.
    I am a good girl when I am on time with sex for my husband.

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    How about a stick in her mind jingle? as a sublim?

    Mondays for Blow Jobs.
    Tuesdays we screw.
    Wendsdays Im naked, so what should I do?
    Thursdays like Tuesdays and Fridays are to.
    Saturday mornings for bjs and afternoon sucks.
    Sundays for cuddling and then we should fuck.

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    03/16/2014 at 1:14 pm

    NAME’s sexual needs are my top priority.
    I always anticipate NAME’s need for sex.
    I take responsibility for NAME’s sexual satisfaction.
    I always fulfill NAME’s sexual needs.

    Maybe some of those will help or get your mental juices going.

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    I appreciate the input guys. i was thinking along the lines of what eldrin posted, but I like the jingle idea too.Maybe I can work both in. This is a future file, so no rush on this. I want to let my current sex file run for at least a month, to build a foundation of how important sex is in our marriage. For those of you who are Christian, I strongly recommend Tommy Nelson’s sermons on Song of Solomon, as a companion to your subliminals. You can download them for free from the Denton Bible Church website.

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