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    I’m at the year and a half mark using subliminals, and have to say it has worked very well. I’ve come to the opinion though, that these subliminals cannot make your wife into your slave or your submissive alone.

    No matter how you word your affirmations to deepen her submission, it can only take you so far. The rest would be up to the dominant to take her into that aspect. To be honest, I don’t have that kind of experience or knowledge to take her to that point, so I don’t believe I’ll ever get there. I think it takes a certain kind of woman to want to give up total control like that, and subliminals can only do so much.

    What I do feel is that subliminals can definitely make your marriage better and actively “change” your wife into more how you want her to be. You always here talk about how people don’t change, but with subliminals, you indeed can change the behavior of your wife. You definitely can make her care more about you, want to please you, obey you, and act more submissive towards you. You can make her want to have sex with you more and do other sexual things such as BJs, which she previously may not have been predisposed to doing.

    That in itself, makes the work in making and using subliminals worth it. I suppose what I’m saying is that I have accepted the fact that it’ll be difficult to make her be my total slave or submissive, as I have read in some websites. However, I feel like I can at least continue to improve the quality of my marriage as it has been doing over this long journey.

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    I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said.
    I have seen amazing progress as well but there is a wall beyond which I have difficulty pushing.
    Without my active participation to guide her / push her things kind of plateau out.
    Nothing wrong with that and our marriage is much better as a result of the subliminals.

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