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    Here is my single custom. I feel like it covers all the bases of the original 3 I was using, but of course has far fewer affirmations than those 3 scripts. Which of course leads to more repetitions per night. My ‘For my Husband’ custom still gets played during the day, I enjoyed and got some success off that one, I feel like its a real gem from what I have wrote. Also I felt like maybe having a familiar script playing might help ween in the new one. This one is the only nighttime script however.

    I am open to change.
    My subconscious is open to change.
    Change is good for me.
    This voice knows what is best for me.
    I happily accept this voice’s instructions.

    Making Eldrin happy makes me the happiest.
    I only live to please Eldrin.
    I feel wonderful making Eldrin happy.
    Satisfying Eldrin Fulfills me.

    I love sex with Eldrin.
    I am always turned on by Eldrin.
    Eldrin is the only man that turns me on.
    I am so horny all the time.
    I love to submit to Eldrin in all things.

    I feel wonderful submitting to Eldrin’s sexual advances.
    I enjoy submitting to Eldrin’s naughty sex desires.
    I am always happy to offer Eldrin sex before work.
    I am always happy to let Eldrin have sex with me.
    I am happy to have sex whenever Eldrin wants.

    I love being a naughty slut in bed.
    I love doing naughty sex acts to Eldrin.
    I feel wonderful submitting to Eldrin’s naughty requests.
    I love grabbing Eldrin’s c ock through his pants.
    I grab Eldrin’s c ock all the time now.

    I am more comfortable sucking Eldrin’s c ock now.
    Sucking Eldrin’s c ock makes me so wet.
    All I think about is sucking Eldrin’s c ock.
    I worship Eldrin’s c ock.
    I love sucking Eldrin’s c ock.

    I think Eldrin’s c ock tastes and smells delicious.
    I think Eldrin’s come, tastes and smells delicious.
    My blow job skills are amazing.

    Eldrin’s happiness is my top priority.
    I always put Eldrin first in my life.
    I love making Eldrin happy above all else.
    Making Eldrin happy makes me happy.

    I love having Eldrin play with my breasts.
    I love presenting my breasts for Eldrin to play with.
    I am always happy to go topless around Eldrin.
    I love Eldrin’s c ock between my breasts.
    I want Eldrin to f uck my breasts right now.
    f ucking my breasts makes me so horny and wet.

    My body is only for Eldrin.
    My body is a sex toy for Eldrin.
    I submit my body for all of Eldrin’s sexual desires.

    I love dressing sexy for Eldrin.
    Wearing tight, slutty clothes turns me on.
    Wearing tight, slutty clothes makes me feel beautiful and sexy.
    I only dress sexy for Eldrin.

    I love only Eldrin.
    Eldrin is my whole world.
    I trust Eldrin in every way.

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    I like the script. I used to play long customs with as many as 110 affirmations. Even while just playing that, I saw decent results. My only suggestion would be to group your nonsexual affirmations together to be first and then all your sex affirmations second, or vice versa. That way it’s a natural progression for her subconscious to understand. Jumping back and forth between the two topics may make it not as effective.

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