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    Per limited, I thought I’d share some of my customs I’m using currently. I know many of you don’t care too much about your wife cleaning, but I’d have to say I’ve had the most success with that part. Before she’d never clean or cook, and now she does it daily without me asking. It’s great. Below is the script that I have used. I think its simple short sentences do the trick. If words are misspelled or there are commas where they shouldn’t be, it’s so Amy could pronounce words better. I also put 1000 milliseconds between each affirmation but it doesn’t show up in this post for some reason. This came out to be 1:49 one time through, and then I repeated it 5 times so my total subliminal is only about 9 minutes.

    I keep the house clean, every day.

    Cleaning is a regular part of my life.

    Keeping a clean home, is important to me.

    Cleaning the home, is my priority.

    God’s will, is that I clean the home, cook, and wash dishes every day.

    Washing dishes gives me pleasure.

    I like to wash the dishes.

    I enjoy cooking for my husband.

    Cooking makes me happy.

    Cooking frequently pleases me.

    I like to vacuum the carpet.

    I enjoy sweeping the floors.

    Mopping the floors comes naturally to me.

    I like to throw trash away.

    I need to throw trash away.

    Cleaning up messes gives me pleasure.

    I enjoy doing the laundry.

    I like to fold clothes and put them away.

    Cleaning the bathrooms pleases me.

    It is fun to clean the toilets, and sinks.

    Organ nizing the things in the rooms makes me happy.

    I am a good house wife.

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