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    I was looking around on an erotic hypnotists site and she uses what she calls a Mantra script.
    Very short 2 to 3 word statements on a few common themes (yields a very high repetition rate).
    Not really used to introduce / frame new ideas but instead used to support and reinforce ideas in her main scripts.

    I was thinking this would be good when done as a sledgehammer with six multiple voices. (4 female and 2 male)
    I did it in a round robin style by cutting one line from the beginning of the script and pasting it on the end in TTA.
    The first voice does it 0 to x, the second one does it 1 to x+1, third voice 2 to x+2, etc.
    Sounds really good (like a crowded party) when I listen to it.

    I set it up to run at lower level behind my main script but I think it could be used also be used as a stand alone script.
    Still tuning the concept a but but here is a first attempt.
    Not running it live yet so would appreciate any thoughts or comments.

    Love sex. want sex. need sex.
    Love kock. want kock. need kock.
    Sex is good. Need sex. Sex is fun
    Need sex. Suck Kock. Be a slut.
    Happy slut. Love sex. need Kock.
    Sex is safety. Be a slut. Suck Kock.
    Enjoy sex. Proud Slut. Need Sex.
    Be a slut. Suck Kock. Love Sex.
    Sweetie girl. Sexy slut. Suck Kock.
    Sex is rewarding. Enjoy sex. Love Kock.
    Pleasure Doll. Suck Kock. Feel loved.
    Be happy. Love sex. Need Kock.
    Suck Kock. Be a slut. Sweetie Girl.
    Need orgasm. Pleasure doll. happy slut.
    Want Sex. Need Kock. Feel worthy.
    Enjoy Kock. Pleaure doll. More Orgasms.
    Feel content. Be a slut. Pleasure doll.
    Love seamen. Sex is healthy. Drink come.
    Sweetie girl. Feel happy. Suck Kock.
    Need sex. Strong orgasm. Swallow come.
    Proud slut. Feel safe. Pleasure doll.
    Love Sex. Deep throat. Feel loved.
    Suck Kock. Sweetie Girl. Seamen tastes good.
    Pleasure doll. Swallow come. Orgasm.
    Feel wonderful. Sexy slut. Enjoy sex.
    Deep throat. Need Kock. Sweet come.
    Seamen is good. pleasure doll. Be worthy.
    Feel loved. Be a slut. Need Orgasm.
    Sexy woman. Swetie girl. Suck Kock.
    Express love. swallow seamen. Pleasure doll.
    Need Kock. Love sex. Emotional connection.
    Highly orgamsic. Sweetie girl. Happy slut.
    Feel secure. Need sex. Suck Kock.
    Sexy slut. feel contented. Please NAME.
    Pleasure doll. Obey NAME. Want sex.
    NAME is Master. Feel loved. Need Orgasms.
    Love Master. Suck Kock. Happy slut.
    Be Obedient. Sweetie girl. Feel Joy.
    Love Sex. Surrender control. Need Kock.
    Master knows best. be happy. Pleasure doll.

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    I like it and find the concept interesting. I’ve had rotten luck with Sledgehammer files – made her uncomfortable – but for those who’s subject is cool with the concept I really like the idea of the crowded party idea. And your script lends itself to sounding like that. I would be interested to see it used as a stand alone first – just to evaluate it’s true efficacy. I’ll be looking forward to future reports. Can’t wait to see how this one turns out.


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    04/21/2014 at 11:00 pm

    Nice new way to look at scripts…

    I noticed that there is a lot of things like “like sex” “love sex” etc. but some of the statements stuck out to me as I was reading the whole thing. Like ‘seamen is good’ could be just ‘seaman good’ or “sex is fun” could be ‘sex fun’. A’s and Is’s etc. could go in most cases. Looks like a direct line to a rudimentary part of the brain… could be really potent.

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