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    So I thought of the best way to know how to play your subliminals that you make. The process is as follows:

    1. Using Amy’s voice in TextAloud, make a sample file like “Hello, my name is Amy.”
    2. In Audacity, change the amp to whatever you will make your custom at. For example, change it to -30.
    3. Export audio in mp3 format and save this as your sample file, which I will call a quality assurance file.
    4. Then make your custom using the same amps, in this case -30, with the normal nyquist prompt.
    5. Play your quality assurance file to an appropriate volume level.
    6. Switch to your custom to play at that same appropriate volume level.

    *Note: Your quality assurance file should be the same amps as your customs for this to work correctly.

    This is very important because what the Amp step actually does is decrease the amps by a certain amount. Keep in my mind that the file after TextAloud is at normal speaking loudness which is about 65dB. Changing it using Trainer’s recommendation, -44, decreases the db of your file to (65-44= 21db). Looking at a db chart, this is actually a bit lower than a whisper when played at regular volume.

    Thus, if you use -44 amps and then turn your custom middle to lower volume, YOUR WIFE OR GIRLFRIEND MAY ACTUALLY HEAR NOTHING!! I tried using -44 in my quality assurance file. It was barely a whisper at normal volume on my computer.

    If you use a normal song to adjust your volume for your custom that is at -44 amps, IT WILL BE TOO LOW AND YOUR CUSTOM WILL NOT WORK. The reason is a normal song is at 65db while your custom is at 21db. That’s a 44db difference. The normal song plays fine, but your custom at the same volume level as that normal song may be too quiet. -44 amps was good for my computer, but on an old mp3 player at the highest volume, my quality assurance file was a bit higher than a whisper.

    I then tried adjusting all my files to -30 and made my quality assurance file at -30. This was a decent volume and even on the highest volume, my quality assurance file was at about a normal speaking level. Keep in mind (65db-30 = 35db), so the level played at normal volume is a bit higher than a whisper at 35db.

    On most of my mp3 players, my quality assurance file using -30 amps was ok at just below the highest level, which was a bit lower than normal speaking level. I have adjusted all my files using -30 amps. Before I would make two levels of -17 and -23, but I think it was double work for nothing. Plus, the -17 quality assurance files at the highest volume were almost shouting. I like -30 because if I accidentally leave my volume too high, it won’t make me deaf like the -17 might for prolonged periods. I can even use this check now to judge my files on headphones.

    One thing is that squeaking may still be heard at the appropriate level to be played at. If you don’t like the squeaking, I do not believe the correct way to make it more silent is to lower the amps or even to lower the volume level. Doing either may make it too quiet to be effective. How can your file work if she doesn’t even hear the words?

    The right way to make it more silent would be to increase the frequency to a higher level above human hearing. Remember that Trainer’s nyquist adjusts the audio to 14,500hz which is just below normal adult frequency hearing levels of 15,000hz. Adjusting it to 17,000hz to 20,000hz by tweaking the nyquist prompt numbers would make it more silent but preserve the quality of audio. For example:

    (lowpass8 (highpass8 s 300) 7000)
    (hzosc 45000)
    (hzosc 63500))

    That would make it 18,500hz. However, I myself have not tested the effectiveness of higher frequencies so can’t say if it works. I am fine with the squeaking at 14,500 hz.

    So the point of this was because I know many people may be following the -44 amps. Using that with a combination of a lower quality mp3 player and putting it at a lower volume because you don’t want to affect your hearing, may actually make your custom worthless because it can’t be heard. Food for thought.

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    01/26/2015 at 9:21 am

    I’m currently composing a subliminal for my wife to help her with a detox program she wants to do for our anniversary/valentine’s Day. Maybe I’ll use the higher frequency Nyquist, in the name of science to test it’s effectiveness.Would just need to come up with an actionable suggestion to verify the script is working…

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    01/26/2015 at 8:05 pm

    I do think the higher frequencies would work. They would rely more on the small hair cells to interpret the message. However, my opinion is 14,500hz is better for subliminals because the frequency is closer to actual hearable ranges. I know the squeaking bothers some people though.

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