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    I’m curious who here has tried hypnosis. I know some on this site have. I’m wondering on the leng term effects you have had, how long they last and what methods you have used for suggestions in your scripts. I’m looking for a new way to play with my sub and I think hypnosis and mind play is right up our alley.

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    As a subject, I have to say that hypnosis can be really fun. It’s not that different from listening to subliminals, but it’s much more direct and suggestions take root a little more quickly, since you’re speaking to their subconscious while they’re in a highly suggestible state. If you already like D/s play, then hypnosis will be a great way to strengthen that relationship, because when a subject is in trance, they tend to be very obedient and reliant on the hypnotist. It’s very easy to turn that into a Master/pet dynamic.

    However, hypnosis is also a lot like subliminal training in that results aren’t always instantaneous and you have to reinforce the suggestions in order for them to hold. If you give the subject a post-hypnotic trigger, but then don’t use it until three weeks later, of course it’s not going to work.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that everyone is different when it comes to hypnosis. Some people trance quickly and easily from the start, while others will have to seriously work at it in order to learn how to trance deeply. Some people will be extremely suggestible in trance and will show results almost immediately, but others will need constant reinforcement and repetition of ideas to slowly build over time. Different people will react better to different styles of inductions and suggestions.

    I would suggest doing a few basic trances – no post-hypnotic suggestions, just simple trance-testing exercises like “your arm is attached to 100 helium balloons…” – with her first to find out what kind of subject she is, then move on to the more advanced (and fun) stuff.

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    Thanks for that. Any advise towards trance logic, or double binding or anything in that nature? I have played with some erotic hypnosis before, and my sub has a wondeful ability for imagination. I rand across a book and theroy called relyfe programming and that’s what sparked my intrest back up.

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    Read the Relyfe stuff. It is interesting, but I’ve not had a chance to try it out. I’m finding subliminals to be effective enough to dampen my interest in trying to convince my wife to try hypnosis.

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    if anyone interested in this, I’m moving it to the gold members forums in case of a conflict of intrest.

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