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    07/08/2013 at 12:12 pm
    Hi guys


    Third time posting here, but I need to I understand how I’m going to train my girl before I use the subliminals properly. I have told her I will be using them for her slave training, and she agreed and can’t wait for me to use them. Now I have a pretty good idea of what I’m going to be using in the way of which subliminals, and I know I’m working on either a weekly or monthly basis. But I want to know how often is it healthy to have her listen to the subliminals? Is it a good idea to have her listen to them as much as possible during the day and have it loop constantly through the night? Or is it better tto have her listen to the tracks maybe a few times a day and only one loop at night? I read somewhere that it’s not a good idea to have it playing all night as it may disrupt sleep, but I’d like to know a little more about the frequency of playing these subliminals.
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    07/08/2013 at 5:19 pm


                    I’ve got my slave listening every waking moment she can.  It pretty much runs all day long in the house here – and anytime we’re on the computer she has it on too.  It is my intent to get set up to loop it for here at night during sleep too.  Like your slave she is “with the program” and hoping to be changed – so it’s all good.  But essentially I haven’t seen anyone here say anything about too much.  Keep up the good work and let us know.

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    07/08/2013 at 5:56 pm

    It all depends on you and using some comon sense.  You can have her listen much as you want or take breaks in between it’s all good.

    When I first started training my slave I had her use headphones and sometimes without :)


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    07/08/2013 at 6:14 pm

    I think most members here do the total immersion, as in playing looped overnight.I personally have one that I play looped overnight and one I play looped during the day.I’ve come to believe that the bigger issue is the number of files played. As far as sleep some members have reported their wives actually sleep better with the files playing and don’t sleep well when they’re not playing.Those who report their wives sleep better, I believe use the rain versions of the files. I use the silents and they don’t seem to disturb my wife’s sleep.I would advise  trying it different ways, and see what works best for her. This is not an exact science, every person and situation is different. know this is not a definitive answer, but I hope it helps.

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    07/08/2013 at 7:33 pm

    @tonguester4_69 said:
    I think most members here do the total immersion, as in playing looped overnight.I personally have one that I play looped overnight and one I play looped during the day.I’ve come to believe that the bigger issue is the number of files played. As far as sleep some members have reported their wives actually sleep better with the files playing and don’t sleep well when they’re not playing.Those who report their wives sleep better, I believe use the rain versions of the files. I use the silents and they don’t seem to disturb my wife’s sleep.I would advise  trying it different ways, and see what works best for her. This is not an exact science, every person and situation is different. know this is not a definitive answer, but I hope it helps.

    I will say, despite the ups and downs in the successfulness of the subliminals thus far, for me…  we both get much better night’s sleep, using the rain files.  I believe this isn’t an aspect of the subliminals, so much as “white noise” can be wonderful at creating a less distracting sleep, in any individual.  So yeah… i’m a fan of “looped all night”.  Likewise, it now feels “too quiet” if we ever forget to turn the iPad on, and would rather get out of bed to put it on, than sleep in now weird, “silence”.

    I am thinking of my own program roller-coaster, and am having a light-bulb moment, however.  In the beginning I played 3-files in a play-list, looped all night, and playing almost constantly by day as well.  For a while, they seemed to be working INCREDIBLY and powerfully.  I still believed my wife, based on the potency of the results, must be incredibly succeptible.  After early results, I think I might’ve become complacent… I don’t know… but at some point I switched to only playing files during the night.

    I figured she had exposure for eight hours… what more could I need?  But results slowly, and steadily just drifted off…

    In the last two weeks, I have looped one file, for maximum repetition, but have been using it at night AND again have returned to using it by day… and suddenly the stirrings of effect seem to be beginning anew…

    The biggest change has been making sure to not rely 100% on sleep-listening.

    Just something to consider.

    Also, if you’re reading for tips…  THE definitively WORST thing you can do is change your playlist too often.  Fun or not… frustrating or not… pick something (less than 3 total tracks, or one long long custom, ideally) and play it and only it for at least thirty days, if not more.  Even for those of us who have had the most dramatic results saw nothing for the first week or so of a new file.  It really does need to sink in….

    Liken it to starting a camp-fire.  It takes forever to kindle, and once you spark, you need to restrain your enthusiasm and instead nurture the incredibly frail early result.  

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    08/21/2013 at 12:57 pm

    I like the camp fire metaphor.

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    07/19/2014 at 4:49 pm

    First, my slave is aware of the program, she’s ok with the files playing (I originally started with Rain, but moved to silent when the ongoing noise, all day long, possibly volume was a bit too loud, began to bother her from time to time… I think it may have had to do with volume equalization between the files… and the fact that the ‘Rain’ sound didn’t match up across all three files)

    So, let me ask this…

    You guys run your files all the time, or for a significant period of time… You’ve got speakers in various places… I run the three files I have on rotation (Rain or Silent, depending on the day) (converter, AS, HS) while I’m at work on her computer… Silent I keep fairly loud, Rain I’ve been keeping quieter… Also, Silent doesn’t interfere with other things she does on the computer…

    When I get home, I turn it off, so I’m not hearing it… Is this a smart choice for me? (I’m not worried about it taking a couple of weeks longer on her, due to less repetition…)

    At night, there’s nothing, again, I don’t want to be effected. But I read that some of you just play rain at night and you both hear it…

    Thoughts? Feedback?

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    07/19/2014 at 6:03 pm

    This would be my answer, and of course if anyone disagrees or wishes to add, additional or conflicting opinions are tolerated ;-) and appreciated.

    Trainer’s files, if you can look at the scripts themselves, tend to be female specific, or at least, female role in the relationship specific. If you are male or identify yourself as performing the substantially traditional “male role” in the relationship and the subs identify the female as the submissive party and affirmations are directed towards “her” they will not have any meaning to your subconscious, then chances are your subconscious will ignore any suggestions of submission to or mastery by your partner.

    Customs should also be designed to specifically target the role desired to be submissive as well.

    That being said, we’ve also discussed potential effects on guests and children or other people who may reside for a time within earshot of these subs. Some are more concerned than others about the effects. Some of us, who have been playing the subs, in earshot, in proximity to other members of the family have reported great success in the target and little to no effect on collateral subjects.

    I, myself, have setup my scripts for my wife to only play in the bedroom (24×7) and on the computer in the family room (and lately on her laptop that I gave her for her Birthday/Mother’s day). The scripts on the family computer were set to only run from within her Windows profile, so that only when she logged on did they play. That being the case, the children were still around and heard it.

    The result is that my wife has offered strip teasing, blow jobs, anal sex, she now takes the cum in her mouth and recently has begun swallowing. She has even started experimenting with different oral techniques and trying to pay attention to being a bit more careful with my delicate instrument as well as I have notice she has stopped arguing when I ask her to go deeper, and she just goes a little deeper.

    None of my children are exhibiting any changes or extra curiosity about sexual matters. My custom scripts do specifically mention all sexual acts in the context of doing them to/for “your husband” so I am not particularly worried about my sons “going gay” or my daughter initiating incest or myself agreeing to be a “slave” or submissive to my wife anything of those sorts of things.

    On the other hand, the scripts that I play on the TV (which is attached to a Windows Media Center computer, have had effect on the family. Those customs are worded so as to invoke all members of the family, myself included, being more united and patient/forgiving of each other, and in respecting and obeying me as father and head of household and respecting and obeying my wife as an agent of my authority. Or at least that is the goal. There is significant (not total but significant) improvement in those areas from before I began using them.

    Given that, we have all seen unpredictable results that we can not completely control or understand, so I am not completely discounting the possibility you might be affected.

    Acting responsibly according to your best understanding and experience would be a prudent strategy.

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    07/20/2014 at 4:15 am

    Welcome to the group, Ice Wing !

    I have scripts running 24/7 on three different devices for over six months now.
    The scripts are custom written specifically for my wife and I have have not noticed any adverse effects.
    My thoughts… Since I have no husband I believe my subconscious ignores the scripts.

    I would choose my night time scripts that reference you as husband (silver) or write your own customs (gold or prime).
    Running them every night will definitely improve your chances of success and, based on the experiences of others here, with no adverse effects.
    Some here have used caution around children (which makes sense) but none have reported impacts from listening to their wife’s scripts.

    The group here on the forum is very helpful so please do not hesitate to ask questions.

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    07/20/2014 at 2:27 pm

    Well, I’m going to be upgrading to gold, err, prime soon, and will be able to write up my own custom scripts or tweak existing ones…

    To be honest, I tend to play this side of my life fairly close to my chest, due to let us say attitudes in the community and the possible loss of a good job…

    I think I’ll probably run Converter for her for another couple of weeks, then possiby consider switching part of her regimen to LHO for a while… I started with AS and HS because we’re already in a M/s D/s relationship and have been for a long time and those should be the easiest to anchor due to prior acceptance.

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    07/20/2014 at 5:54 pm

    What is AS and HS again? I think you would gain more in taking the converter out now. In my opinion, it doesn’t do much.

    As far as effects on you, I don’t think you have to worry as much even for the sexual ones. My main concern for myself is the possible effects of sexual subliminals on children. As was said already, the wording is more specific for a girlfriend/wife so it shouldn’t affect you.

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    07/20/2014 at 6:34 pm

    I can understand the reason for keeping this sort of thing to yourself.

    Many, if not most, of us live in communities, have jobs or profess Christian beliefs that would seem to put us at odds with this medium. The mainstream of our respective societies and associations would look askew, at best, and likely be overtly hostile at the knowledge our use of such techniques to adjust the behavior of our wives, selves and families. This, is true regardless of the fact that many of the same people who might condemn us, religionists especially, use very similar (or at least related) techniques to accomplish their ends and know they do it. They tend though to describe the same techniques in spiritual terms rather than psychological, and the changes as changes in “countenance” or “new creature” or “born again” type of spiritual feelings & nomenclature. But the methods are the same; the results are the same. (Regardless of whether it is in my house or the chapel, floats + feathers + waddle + quack = duck. ) Understand, I’m not busting on religion; I profess to be a Christian. But this technique is a “tool” that has no intrinsic morality to it. Just like any tool, how it’s used determines its morality. In fact some of the techniques they willingly use, of overt hostility, alienation and condemnation, are proscribed by what we do. Some of us, probably most, have learned that using positive imagery and positive affirmations tend to be the most effective. The previous is not even to mention politics or cultural manipulations by mass media and pop entertainment.

    Like you, I’m certainly not going to talk about this to my business clients or to bring it up in a Sunday School discussion or even share my secrets of BJ success around the water cooler. Though I am not looking for quite the same kind of relationship you are, I suspect, if you have been in a M/s-D/s relationship for a while, this is just another method to add to your repertoire, and keeping it quiet will not likely be any more a problem than the other things you and she do, since you have been doing that any way and have experience keeping thing out of public view.

    I also must reiterate respect to bear and others here. Through discussions here, it has been brought out the similarities between those of us who are using these techniques to bring about what we believe are more “correct” or “biblical” family structure perspective (that we believe is more in tune with God’s wishes for families) and those seeking the more overt M/s-D/s relationships for reasons other than that. I acknowledge the similarities in some outcomes and methods as well as the difference in some outcomes, methods and the ideological principles drawing each of us to this method. I have not heard any of them express (as far as I can recall) the desire to hurt or abuse their partners. Pretty much everyone expresses a desire for the other person to feel love, joy and pleasure in their “slavery” or submission and intend on giving rewards to the partners for fulfilling those roles adequately. This seems to be true for just about everyone regardless of the intent of their “end game”. (i.e. M/s-D/s or Biblical Male Head of Household). So I hope no one feels judged by anything I say.

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    07/20/2014 at 9:11 pm

    Back in yet another thread, eldrin81 I think it was, said something to the effect that he had added a line to one of his scripts that had a negative effect on him… it was the way in which the subconcious processes or rather does not process joined sentences (whether, not, but etc.) that got him. So… there is a case of someone other than the target being affected by the subs… How the script is written can be critical to correct performance. It’s a learning experience for everyone here…

    Another thought is that, according to some reasearch, there is a difference between male and female on how sexual content in subs is accepted by the subconcious … males tend to be less affected by that sort of stuff than females. If I were a woman trying this on another woman I would be very cauctious about how I presented the subliminals.

    As for not wanting to let your sex life become common knowledge… The one that is different is the one that will be pecked to death by the flock. Let the peckers stay in the dark. Wink

    On a personal note, no person that I was not specifically targeting with subliminals has ever shown any effects. It may be of intrest that I have noticed that my sub wife (C) can develop attitudes etc. about persons that are not part or are not supposed to be part of the program… so that there can be an affect on them, arguably because of the subliminals, although they are not directly hearing the subs all due to the reaction/actions of the actual target of the subs. It all bears watching and correcting any unwanted / unexpected behavior.

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    07/21/2014 at 1:55 am

    Bear has a good point there about the “peckers” https://dreamgirlsgt.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_wink.gif

    No seriously, he has a great point about the sentence structure. Often our natural way of speaking has a totally different meaning when viewed from the very simplistic level of the subconscious. I know I have had to break up and re-word a number of sentences before. Conditionals are especially troublesome. Some may work on your woman and others may not. So often it is best to just make direct statements with very little wiggle room.

    I’ve read similar stuff about the male psyche and subliminal sexualization. Men seem to be so sexually motivated from the get-go that I doubt many of us need any help getting there. Plus, with not monthly, but, daily hormone swings that put the worst PMS bitch to shame, the average male is fairly well lucky to have the presence of mind to wipe his arse or even feed himself without getting hard on and jumping anything that bends over or can be bent over. for example, that whole deal about the Camel on the cigarette pack representing the pregnant woman might make the women think about sex, ’cause you gotta have sex to get pregnant, but most guys are thinking about what it might belike to hump that camel. OK, maybe that’s taking it a bit far, but you get my point

    So no wonder there is less effect, we’re already pretty much operating at max capacity 24/7.

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    07/21/2014 at 1:48 pm

    There is a whole thread about unintended consequences in the forum here. I have noticed I tend be affected by the subliminals I play for my wife, in the sense of, being more of fulfilling my role of husband/leader. In my view, that is not a bad thing.Certain themes I am careful to play only in the bedroom.General role themes regarding submission, I feel reinforces the role of each respective partner, in their particular role, in my case husband as leader, wife as submissive follower. As others have already stated, it is simply a matter of using the tool with the correct safety measures.

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    07/22/2014 at 1:25 am

    Sometimes when I play my only BJ custom by itself all night, I’ll have dreams of different girls giving me a BJ. I worded it such that it’s only intended for my wife. This has happened not once but a few times already. I think it’s too much of a coincidence so to some degree, you might be affected.

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