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    All these questions and discussion relate to silent files… since the theory is that silent files still vibrate the tiny hairs and the inner ear which is still interpreted as sound – what might be ways to make a silent message more effective or to cover more topics and also avoid mistakes and problems when constructing silent files?

    Sorry if this has already been discussed somewhere and feel free to reply a link to that discussion if you know it…. what I want to know is how much can a wife or girlfriend receive subliminally via a silent file? Is there a limit? Since the conscious mind does not evaluate the messages or relate them to its stored knowledge and does not process the data – can the amount of messages received by the subconscious be large?

    On one extreme I think about just ranking the training ideas and lessons I want my wife to learn and making silent subliminal of just one or two messages to repeat over and over an over with a very brief message repeated a gazillion times to really influence for each topic and just go down the list.

    But perhaps I am wrong there and I should have a script of several statements and if so how many statements? should I make it 100 statements long and include a lot of various lessons in it like a shotgun approach? or will that fail because they are not repeated enough because it is a very long message? Even tho the message covers everything I want to train, it might be that none of it works because it doesn’t repeat enough….could that happen?

    And while on the subject, isn’t repletion helpful for the message or “lesson” to sink in? So isn’t more repletion better? so if I play the lesson on several players at once in the room with her will that multiply the effect? the idea is have 4 or 5 players playing the same silent file in the room with her…. would that improve the effect or not make much difference?

    So getting back to the mind and “hearing”… I know that if I walk into a room with 4 radios playing loudly, I hear them all at the same time…. I cant really appreciate the music much but the sounds reach my ears and acoustic nerve to my brain and registers and I “hear” the sounds…

    When I hear a music Chord, I am actually hearing all the various notes in the chord at once… when I hear a symphony or any band I hear a blend of a lot of various sounds all at once… so can silent subliminals work the same way? Can I cover and train a lot of lessons by playing short files repeated often but played on several different players in the room with the wife/girlfriend??? Example = 5 players playing several different short files on various subjects all at once…repeating over and over…. is that too much or would the subconscious just be able to learn the subliminal messages quicker that way? The idea is to have short messages that repeat a lot but have several different messages playing silently all at once…. too much to take in? or a good idea?

    Would adding “sex sounds” (moans groans and dirty talk) to the various sexual files make them more effective? if so, then does that prove the subconscious is receiving the sounds causing arousal and also the messages at the same time which would support the idea of the subconscious receiving multiple messages at one time?

    so how much can the subconscious take in? I have seen where subliminal files are made with voices sped up really fast claiming the subconscious still decodes that vibration sound like a normal speed message….. and I have seen subliminal messages where a whole array of voices 6 or 7 or more speak all at once in the same file…. the voices are all at the same time ….. can the subconscious really pick that up? Can that be used in silent subliminals? would the various layers of voices be lost in the vibrations in the ear?

    so to recap –
    add sex sounds to the sex files = would that improve their effect?

    should I have very short files with a lot of repetition or should I have more messages and how many messages is ideal?

    Can I multiply the effect of a particular file by playing it on several players at once?

    Can I train on several various topics at once by playing several different file “lessons” on different players all at once?

    Can I layer several voices speaking messages all at the same time in a file?

    Can I speed up message so as to cover more lessons and still get a lot of repetition because faster speed = shorter file time length and thus more repetition?

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    add sex sounds to the sex files = would that improve their effect?

    I have no experience with that, but it seems logical. I defer to others who may have tried.

    should I have very short files with a lot of repetition or should I have more messages and how many messages is ideal?

    There is a difference of opinion here on this topic.
    1.Some very dramatic results have occurred with use of a series of focused scripts working on one topic at a time. Those who have gone this route tend to prefer this route.
    2.Some equally dramatic results have occurred using very long scripts with a large number of topics included for a very long period of time.
    3.Another more hybrid approach is to use the large file and have it supplemented by playing smaller hyper-focused scripts to reinforce selected topics form the “menu” of the large script.
    I personally began with the #2 approach, had very excellent results with it, but after a little over a year found I had reached a “wall.” I have since been using a hybrid approach and have renewed progress.

    Can I multiply the effect of a particular file by playing it on several players at once?

    I’m not for sure this would be significantly different than using/creating a sledgehammer file.
    I would hazard a guess that using multiple players would be most useful to insure complete coverage of the physical area the target will be in.

    Can I train on several various topics at once by playing several different file “lessons” on different players all at once?

    Again, I’m not for sure how effective this might be. As simplistic as the subconscious is, I think multiple topics at the same moment would be confusing. I think multiple topics presented in logical progression relating one to another are fine. This is how most of us seem to be producing our custom subs. But I suspect the sound of different topics simultaneously might be overwhelming and less effective.

    Can I layer several voices speaking messages all at the same time in a file?

    This is essentially what the sledgehammer files do. More precisely, I think the objective is to create an atmosphere of “peer pressure” to modify her perceptions of what is right/wrong, acceptable/unacceptable, deplorable/desirable, etc./etc. This seems to work very well on girlfriends, wives, female subs since women tend to be quite socially oriented in deciding their preferences.

    Can I speed up message so as to cover more lessons and still get a lot of repetition because faster speed = shorter file time length and thus more repetition?

    I would be wary of that. You do not want critical words or phrases to be missed or misinterpreted. If the original recording runs too fast to be well, clearly and simply understood, before it’s modification to a subliminal, the added difficulty in hearing it as a “silent” or an “embedded” recording might be too much. Many of us have found evidence in target reactions to specific words or phrase changes that indicate misunderstandings. They can be disastrous.

    There is an awful lot of information in the Prime Forum. Vast amounts of experience as well as some fairly well described processes, to success and failure, are here. It would be instructive to read through each thread carefully to get a sense, not only of, specific words and phrases, or methodologies, but of the specific goals of each of the posters, and the personalities of their targets. Though there is significant overlap in goal and method, there is also a significant difference in them too, as well as the different words, phrases and methods each of us have designed have certain overall relationship changing effects beyond just more sex, more variety in sex, and subservience.

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    I would agree with J66R on almost all points, especially with regard to reading the Forum threads. Most all your questions have actually been covered in detail and discussed at length in many threads. I would personally advise shorter, more focused scripts. Make small gains, reinforce them as habit, then move to another. My first success was Trainer’s Feminine Dress Code. It played for about a month, before she started following the suggestions on her own.I think all agree, that patience is paramount in any training. Make your plan, and stick to it-don’t rush.There has been some discussion in the last day or so regarding using the echo effect in Audacity, with positive results. It seems on the face of it a way to repeat and reinforce the script, without lengthening the play time, thus getting more repetitions.Do the homework of reading the experiences of others, before attempting your file. There is also a lot of support for helping to word your scripts, if you post them here, for others to critique.
    Since the forum began, I’ve seen members with incredible success, others with less spectacular. Every subject is different, so the approach in each case must be different. The more you share with the members here, the more they will be able to help you craft your scripts. And again those who have been most successful, have also been the most patient. Hope this helps.

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    Welcome to the forums.

    As others have mentioned all of the topics you are asking about are covered in detail in the Prime forums.
    This includes personal experiences of success and failures.

    To answer your questions briefly:

    1) Adding sex sounds might work in an arousal script designed to make your girl horny all the time. It would probably depend on her attitude towards porn. If she gets turned on by porn now then it would likely work. If she does not, it probably wouldn’t. If the latter you could do a couple of months of a “porn makes me horny” script until you see progress.

    2) Short versus long. There is ongoing debate on this one. Some here have great results with long scripts others see nothing. I think all agree short very focused scripts with lots of repetitions are effective. Lately I am of the opinion that a hybrid approach is best. A short very focused script to introduce / cement a specific idea / behavior plus a longer reinforcement script that touches on all of the core ideas that I have already introduced and where I have seen progress from first using shorter scripts. Introduce new with short script, then, once it works, add the new idea into a long reminder / reinforcement script. I use a maximum of one short and one long script running together at any time.

    3) Multiple players. Yes, the more repetitions she hears the better the results so having a player in each area where she spends time will help. One in the bedroom for sure, one in the living room, one for her work (assuming she has a desk job), etc. Be careful though since different players have different volume levels. You want to be 100% sure your silent files stay silent on every player you use.

    4) Multiple topics/lessons . No, this will likely be counter productive. Stick to one or two lessons at a time and run them for at least a month before changing them. Patience is a virtue and results are the reward. Repeat to your self often: I will be patient, one month minimum, I will be patient, one month minimum. If you want success this really cannot be overstated.

    5) Layering. Yes, this can work and is referred to as sledgehammer. Prime forum discusses this in detail and how to do it. Some, including myself, have seen good results with echo effects as well.

    6) Speeding up. No, generally you slow things down not speed them up. The logic is that subconscious processes things more slowly and needs time to absorb the message. If you try to push too much information too fast it seems to ignore it completely.

    The prime forums really are a great resource – read every post and you will have a good solid foundation. Everyone here is very supportive and happy to answer questions but you will save lots of time reading up first. Also, I find it very helpful think about and get clear your …LONG TERM… goals for your girl. Being able to state this will make it easier for all here to give you better advice for short term goals along the way.

    If you want to get started right away there is a pretty well proven recipe:
    1) Start with the Amy Converter for a week or so. Add …ONE… more script.
    2) Add …ONE… more short script. “I love sex” or “His happiness” are good foundational choices. Let that run for a couple of weeks then drop the converter.
    3) Add a second short script and let that run for at least a week.
    4) Start a journal here to keep track of your scripts and your successes / failures. This is a great way to get feedback and to look back many months from now and see what worked and didn’t .

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    Pizza man welcome.
    You have asked a lot of great questions. Like the others before me have posted delve into the forums here and you will find those same questions asked over and over. Many of which there is active debate on which way works best. Like many others here I have had great success with subliminal , but the best advice I can give someone is to know your target and to realize that this is a marathon not a sprint.

    What I mean by know your target is you have to learn what makes that person tick. If the person is subject to peer pressure on a subject then sledges (multi voices) work well if not you may see little benefit and maybe some negative results from the script. Also know how they think. Use words they use and ideas that motivate them rather than trying to force an idea upon them.

    As for the marathon, this forum is littered with restarts (myself included) due to impatience and switch scripts at the first sign of success rather than waiting for the scripts to cement themselves into the subjects mind. So set a long term goal and work backwards so that you can plan the small chunks you want to attack with each script. Remember you are making changes and sometimes it is easier to slowing change the goal in small almost inconsequential steps rather than try to leap to the end.

    Or at least these are my findings over the time I have been here.

    Final as stated in the previous post keep a journal. You will be amazed how quickly a change become the norm and we forget where it all started.
    Good luck.

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    thank you to everyone that replied… I am still working out my custom script to then make an mp3 file then convert to silent…. so I have a window of time while doing that. During this time I will play the Amy Converter, Silent Converter, His Happiness and I love sex husband files. I plan to add a related file to the playlist every week or two.

    My goal is always to get these ideas, affirmations and “lessons” eventually into out-loud dialogue and discussion with my wife. Once she can affirm it and embrace it verbally/consciously then I have it… it is really her then! Sometimes I specifically use other ways to compliment the subliminals. For example, if I want my wife to give me “road head”…. then I might focus on that and intentionally weave that topic into our sexting back and forth as I also play road head subliminal messages and affirmations…. Eventually after listening a while, I would also send sexy emails with sexy pics of women giving road head to their man and get a sexy email discussion about it…. then eventually it will lead to her wanting to suck my cock in the car/truck while driving down the road.

    This is just an example to illustrate that I DO NOT COMPLETELY RELY ON THE SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES TO SOMEHOW MAGICALLY TRANSFORM MY WIFE. I try to use texts, phone calls, emails and sexy pics as well as verbal conscious discussions to eventually make the topic on the sub to be something she consciously wants and likes and embraces…. then it is for real.

    In addition to subliminals, I use sexy pictures with a message on it to also introduce ideas and thoughts to her head with the goal for her to eventually make them a conscious part of her and get some sort of discussion and affirmation…. sometimes I bring up verbal discussion of the subliminal topic right when she is really hot and turned on during sex … for example – I might tell her she is my slut…. and in the heat of the moment she is all over that in a way that she gives a very sexual affirmation …. whereas if I say that same exact thing while she is washing dishes, doing the laundry or some other non sexy context she might reject that or worse be offended at it…. but when she is turned on and in the heat of passion she is very receptive to agreeing to and affirming out loud many of the subliminal affirmations in the file if I bring them up…. everything from loving to suck my cock to being my horny slut etc etc

    This helps her eventually become that person she affirms… rather than just soley rely on subliminal messages….

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    You are on the right track here.
    The subliminal files plant the ideas but you also need to reaffirm the messages in “real life”.
    IMHO, it is essential to give positive reinforcement whenever she does anything associated with one of your targeted behaviors.
    Clearly telling her what you want, at the appropriate time of course, is also necessary.
    Over time the subliminal messages can define a new normal but then you need to cement it into place with feedback in the real world.

    I would caution against adding too many files running at the same time.
    A good rule of thumb is 2 maximum at any one time.
    After the first couple of weeks the Amy file is not needed so you can just drop it.
    His happiness and I love Sex husband are a good foundation combination.
    Let them run together after that for at least a month minimum.
    Running too many files at once will not get you there faster and most have reported it being counter productive.

    Pay attention to her behavior and watch for little things that align with the content in HH and ILS.
    This journey begins with very small steps and momentum builds from there over time.
    Think locomotive not dragster here.
    Takes a while to get going and doesn’t change course very fast but can move mountains.

    Seeing the really small changes, the ones that at first you are not really sure are actually there, is (to me at least) the really amazing/fun part about this process.
    When you see something praise her and reinforce that you like it.
    Remember, HH is hammering away in the background telling her that she wants/needs/enjoys making you happy.
    Telling her what she is doing makes you happy is like a beautiful gift with a great big bow on it to her subconscious.

    Believe me, we all understand the desire to see some progress fast.
    Kind of a “so many ideas and so little time feeling” – we have all been there
    I suggest continued discussions here on the forum while HH and ILS do their work.
    Pick one very simple focused near term behavior you want to change in your girl and ask how for advice on how to do it.
    I suggest this approach so you can see some concrete near term progress relatively soon.
    This too is a double edged sword because, while it is amazing to see, it tends to build enthusiasm to go even faster – which can lead to big setbacks (I think we all have done it).

    For now acheiving to your short term goal might mean switching out HH or ILS for one of the pre-made scripts or later a custom one.
    When you are ready to do your first custom just tell the group your goal and ask for help developing a script to do it.
    You will get lots of good feedback / suggestions and from this you can distill the script that will feel right for your girl.

    Enjoy the journey!

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    I get the impression that many of the wives of the guys here are hardcore cases of either rebellious “back talking” bitch types or are frigid non sexual wives ,,, so the advice to go slow makes sense there…. I can see where there is a need to chip away at the ice slowly. It seems some are trying to change basic negative personalities and attitudes which will require extensive lengthy process of patiently exposing them to messages designed to bring about change.

    Or some are wanting their woman to accept being a slave – which again might be a lengthy process of slowly chipping away …..but I am not interested in that.

    I am very blessed to have a wife that is already extremely sexual in every way with me and is also very fun and pleasant to be with. I use subliminals to remind her of things she already embraces… or to expand our experiences together…. to suggest new sexual adventures and ideas for play and fun that build on expand on the sexual ideas she already agrees with. If she already gives me handjobs rather frequently and I want to see if she would do that “on the sly” under the table while out to dinner at a restaurant… then my messages would focus on quickie handjobs on the sly. I don’t think its gonna take months and months of creeping along… all I am doing is expanding and building on ideas and things she already agrees with and embraces and enjoys.

    So I plan to script certain specific ideas and things that I think she will agree to and want rather than attempting to fundamentally change a negative basic heart attitude because her basic heart attitude is pretty damn good. (Yes I know I am a very lucky man)

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    08/06/2014 at 2:12 am

    I agree that in your case much progress in certain areas may be fairly quick.

    But, remember that women often feel that what they are doing is already at or near their “limit” and they are doing it just because they “love you” or it’s their “duty”.
    Given that they often already think they are doing every thing they can, or should, you can easily run smack into a wall without having the slightest idea it is there.

    There are several things that the subliminals have help my wife with that just about any of us would have thought were no brainers. Things like she would hold my hand in public, but only when other women were around and she thought they were checking me out, or if friends and family were near. Never when we were alone. She would watch movies or something with me late at night when the kids were all in bed but she wouldn’t sit by me.

    So I started pushing on some of those little things and they went well at first and then the whole world went to hell. I moved too quick and didn’t allow some of those things to become “cemented” in her behavior before moving on to the next step.

    The point is that, yes, nearly all of us have had HUGE intractable things we’ve worked on with our wives, and had marginal to spectacular success with, often over considerable time. But there are also a lot of things that we thought were going to quick and easy “slam dunks” because we thought there was something already there to build on. Inevitably we made an overreach, especially in behaviors that involve some risk of external exposure. Some of us have had great immediate success that fizzled out. Think about what I mentioned earlier about women already thinking they are doing all they can or should.

    But, I’m glad you are so lucky a man. Would that we all were. And for many of us, we were just about that lucky in the beginning and somehow let it slip away, not always because we did something wrong deliberately or because our wives did.

    I would still caution you to not get too heady with quick early success. Often what we think is happening is not quite what is happening. But still, do be careful, make a journal or take a few notes of her behavior after scripts change, don’t get too ambitious too fast. After all, you are messing with her head and there will be unintended consequences, some good, some bad, some just plain confusing.

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    08/06/2014 at 4:54 pm

    thanks everyone for their advice and input….. I will post again for advice when writing the script and making the custom file…

    till then I will be reading the forum and learning all that I can.

    Brain washing:
    I will go slow and add carefully planned out messages a few messages along to the first file as we progress over time,
    I think I will stay away from sped up speaking and go with normal speaking,
    I will probably stay away from layering voices like a sledgehammer but might add sex sounds to the sexual messages,
    I will use pauses in between the messages and use just a few messages to start with (under 10) then add carefully thought out messages over time,
    I will use words that she knows uses as her own way of speaking in the messages,
    I will use her and my name in the messages,
    I even have some recordings of her speaking that will be her own actual voice and words to use so “the voice in her head” is really her voice.
    I will use multiple players playing the files over and over so she “hears” high number of repetitions sometimes with more than one player in the same room playing the same message so it multiplies the repetitions.

    My goal is not to melt some angry bitter frigid woman… or change her fundamental heart attitude…. As I said – she is really great already. I am after influencing her to accept and embrace certain specific sexual adventures and fun play when I later verbally initiate it consciously to her after playing the files for several weeks. I am not sure this can be done since I am wanting more specific behaviors rather than more general attitudes or causing arousal etc.

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    08/06/2014 at 9:36 pm

    Sounds like a good start.

    Don’t get any of us wrong, or our women. I think I speak for most of us when I say that our women were, at one time or another, all “really great already”. Some for a few years after marriage, and some, maybe for decades. But something happened. Some time it was something we did, or something they did, or it was a misunderstanding or influence by outsiders. Who knows sometimes, but things changed.

    Angry, bitter, frigid women are still just that, women. They decide what they are going to be, independent of us, though how we react may make the difference in what they decide or how long they keep it up or just how bad it gets. The difference between one of those and one that is submissive, or one that is over bearing, or one that is sweet and wonderful in every way, is a combination of her perceptions and how we, as men, deal with or play into those perceptions. All we’re really doing here is tweaking their perceptions and, at least in the case of my wife, the angry, bitter, frigid woman is lightening up, sweetening up, and heating up, back into the cute little very affectionate, hottie I married 23 years ago.

    I will make another point though, to your last statement, that specific behaviors are not necessarily possible. I’ll use my wife as an example.

    1. My wife, was always really bad about not giving blow jobs and even worse about cumming in her mouth. The former had happened fewer times than I have fingers and toes in 20 years of marriage. The latter had NEVER happened and according to her we’d both have to “die twice before it ever did”. Two months into subliminals and I was not only getting BJ’s almost on demand (2x a week or more was “on demand” enough in comparison to what I had had before), but she allowed me to cum in her mouth, even after multiple warnings I was about to pop. From that point on there was never a question about her taking it in the mouth.

    2. Similarly, after a little over a year, and lots of other very specific improvements in other non-sexual areas by the way, she was still taking it in the mouth but never would swallow. Pulled a hyper-focused custom on swallowing and sure enough, after a little bit, she just swallowed. It’s now several month since and she swallows every single time.

    3. She has always kind of dressed a bit frumpy at home. I did another focused custom that emphasized cuter swimsuits and shorter shorts. It took a couple of months but she is now wearing some really nice short-shorts, daily, and she bought a couple of really cute swimsuits that make her look literally about 10years younger.

    4. During sex she has absolutely always stayed away from touching herself erotically. Though she admits she has done it while alone on occasion, she would never do it in front of me. Enter another custom and now she fondles her breasts, licks and sucks her own nipples (she’s amply endowed making this possible and a sight to see) and spreads the VJ wide and fingers herself on command. And the look on her face tells me she’s really enjoying it.

    So, I think that once you get her responding to the other general subs, creating customs with very specific behaviors are not going to be a problem. It will be a matter of being patient and observing results and then moving on to crafting the next step.

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    08/06/2014 at 9:57 pm

    J66R – well the blowjobs and cumming in the mouth aren’t an issue and happens several times per week but I would be VERY interested in the process and thoughts and ideas that went in to the files that affected clothing and touching herself…. would you mind either sharing script or at least the ideas and thoughts that you went through as you developed those scripts and the file recording also?

    thanks in advance….

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