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    07/17/2016 at 9:45 pm

    Im in a TPE relationship and ive been useing the puppygirl subliminals for over a year, along with obediant animal on my sub/slave.

    The audios are listened to every night before bed without fail.
    My sub/slave knows only that the files are to help relax her and condition her. She does not know what is on them.

    For the first six months i would perodicly add and remove the converters. She now enjoys the audios and has trouble sleeping if she doesnt listen to them.

    I can only claim varried success with installing in her an animal mindset. I was wondering if anyone else have used these files and what kind of sucess anyone has truely had with the animal subliminals.

    There isnt much in the forums covering this. A couple of MA posts from whay back when dream girls was still in its infancy. But i have my doubts about the truth of those posts.

    Im glad so many husbands are bettering there lives, but i really would like to hear what people who are liveing a true ds lifestyle are saying.


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