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    This is my latest script. I’ve set it up to play in the bedroom, while she’s sleeping. The idea came from a series of sermons on marriage we listened to recently.The concept revolves around he idea, that the quality of our sex life reflects the quality of our marriage.

    I surrender my marriage to God’s plan.
    A good marriage is filled with lots, and lots of sex.
    The more sex ____ and I have,the better our marriage is.
    Great sex, equals, a great marriage.
    If our sex life is good, our marriage is good.
    Working on our sex life, improves our marriage.
    The more sex I have, the more sex I want.
    The more sex I want, the more sex I have.
    I want a good marriage.
    Great sex, equals, a great marriage.
    I want a marriage, filled with sex.
    I learn all I can about sex.
    I want to be the best lover ever.
    My favorite pastime, is fucking, or sucking ___’s dick.
    I want to learn to fuck better.
    I want to learn to suck ____’s dick better.
    I want to learn to swallow ____’s cum.
    Great sex, equals, a great marriage.
    I want the best marriage possible.
    I want the best sex life ever.
    God’s plan, for my marriage, is lots, and lots of sex.
    Great sex, equals, a great marriage.

    I produced, and began to play this one 5 days ago. Since then it’s been playing 24/7 in our bedroom.While it’s low in specifics, the one that HAS manifested is her initiating a BJ, and swallowing.This is new thing, as she’s always been willing to blow me, and even let me cum in her mouth, but never would even try to swallow it. This time she swallowed it , as if she had been doing it all her life.

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    That’s pretty good seeing how the swallowing part is not a big part of your script.

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    yeah, just the one line, and none about initiating. It’s sort of been extension of every thing we’ve been discussing over the last year. I think it may be more because of my other script, Love Honor Respect. It came about partly because earlier that day,she had started something, and because I didn’t pursue, because she told me she had a headache, she left me high and dry. In abut month I may modify this script, to include a few lines about her being responsible for initiating sex, or maybe asking for sex. A big hurdle in all of this, is giving up control. The whole not initiating, pretending they don’t need it is related to their drives for control.I should say my wife’s is.She knows I want her to initiate, and during our weekly relationship check she brings up the swallowing thing, so she’s well aware, it’s something I want. Since she given in to swallowing,and has shown she can handle it quite easily, I think she accepts that it’s going to be that way from now on. For a long time she maintained, she couldn’t do it, even though when we were dating, our first sexual act was oral with her swallowing like it was the most natural thing in the world. She has always claimed to have been too drunk, and not remember it at all. This is sort of an admission on her part, that not only can she, but that it’s not even the big deal she’s made it out to be.

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