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    08/25/2015 at 11:51 am

    Just signed up. Been interested in subliminals for a while now and making and using my own intrigues me. Though I’m very skeptical my final goal will come to fruition, I can see my short term goals being realized.

    About us: We are in our mid forties. I’m the man of the house, attractive, in great physical shape, we have sex frequently…pretty much whenever i want it. She tends to be stressed very often from work and has a difficult time finding things that make her happy. Does not initiate sex very often. Will give me a blowjob if I ask, though begrudgingly.

    Short turn goal: Instill a greater desire for oral sex.

    Long term goal: Make her a cum starved, cock sucking slut.

    Plan: I created three scripts (details of them below). The first [Happy Life] will hopefully instill the desire to be happy and find things that achieve that goal. The second [Happy Cock Sucker] should guide her to the idea that sucking cock is the key to happiness. And the last [Cock Slut Mantra] are a few Mantras from the Church of Cock Tumblr PageChurch of Cock Tumblr Page

    They are created using Textaloud3 with the NeoSpeech Kate 16 voice at speed -8, pitch 1.

    Used Audacity1.3 Beta to create a silent. Follow the directions here except I only reduced the volume with an Amplification setting of -10 and I used Qwerty’s Nyquist SettingsQwerty’s Nyquist Settings..

    I intend to run them in our living room from my PC adjusting the volume of the speakers accordingly. She is generally only present in that room from about 4:30pm to 9pm while we chill and watch TV.

    In the bedroom, I have a set of bluetooth speakers set up and will be playing the script from my phone during the evening and sleeping hours.

    Tonight I will set a loop of Happy Life (HL) twice for about 2 minutes in total, followed by Happy Cock Sucker (HCS) x 5 for almost ten minutes, and then a single rendition of the Cock Slut Mantra (CSM) for another 2 and a half minutes or so. This series will loop ad infinitum during the night. I plan to give it a week and adjust from there.

    We will see how it goes. Any advice or suggestions are welcome.

    The Current Set of Scripts (a 1.5 sec delay is incorporated after each statement)

    [Happy Life – RT :56]
    I want to be happy.
    I like to be happy.
    I like to do things that make me happy.
    I want to be happy.
    I want to do things that make me happy.
    I need to be happy.
    I need to do things that make me happy.
    Being happy is important to me.
    I do things that make me happy.
    I am happy when I have purpose.
    Making my husband happy gives me purpose.
    I will do things that make me happy.
    I will be happy.

    [Happy Cock Sucker – RT 1:58]
    I want to be happy.
    Sucking cock makes me happy.
    I am happiest when I have a dick in my mouth.
    Giving blow jobs makes me happy.
    I want to be happy.
    I love giving blow jobs.
    I need to suck cock to be happy.
    I am happy when I suck cock.
    Happiness is sucking cock.
    I must suck cock to be happy.
    Making a dick cum in my mouth makes me happy.
    Blow jobs please my husband.
    Pleasing my husband makes me happy.
    Sucking dick gives me purpose. .
    I am happy when I have purpose. .
    I want to be happy.
    Doing things I enjoy makes me happy.
    I enjoy sucking cock.
    Blow jobs makes me happy.
    I love sucking cock.
    I must suck cock.
    I need to suck cock.
    I want to suck cock every day.
    I am happiest when I am sucking cock.
    I want to be happy.
    Thinking about blow jobs makes me happy.
    I enjoy sucking cock.
    Doing things I enjoy makes me happy.

    [Cum Slut Mantra 2:24]
    Cock is my universe.
    To take Cock in my mouth, or into my body, is to let the universe exist within me.
    My sole purpose in life is to suck Cock.
    I crave Cock.
    I need Cock.
    I want to be a Cum dumpster.
    I want Cum in my mouth.
    I want Cum on my face.
    I need Cock in my mouth.
    No matter where I am, I crave the taste of Cock.
    Sucking Cock is my purpose in life.
    Cum sustains me.
    Cock is my god.
    Cum is my salvation.

    I am a Cum depository.
    Cum is my salvation, my food, and my reason for beng.
    I am a sperm receptacle.
    I ache to have my throat coated in warm Cum.
    I need more Cum.
    I crave more Cum.
    I live for Cum.
    I am a vessel for Cum.
    My mouth is a chalice.
    My mouth was made to receive Cock, and be filled with its warm seed.
    Cock is my god.
    Cum is my salvation.

    I will find a Cock today, and I will suck it.
    I will take cock into my mouth and feel its warmth on my tongue.
    I will feel the cum flow down my throat, through my body, and my soul.
    I will drink freely and be made pure by it.
    Cock is my god.
    Cum is my salvation.

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    08/25/2015 at 7:51 pm

    Welcome to the group!

    A couple of comments re: blue tooth speakers.
    I tired several and ultimately abandoned them.
    Many have an auto shut down that does not see the subliminal as a signal.
    This is a problem since you can’t hear the subliminal so you don’t know if the speaker is playing it or has shut down.
    The second issue is that bluetooth speakers often filter the high frequencies which is where all the subliminal information is found.

    For the bedroom and living room I use an MP3 speaker with SD card slot
    I could not find a link to the one I use but something similar to:

    Try a search for “MP3 speaker with SD Card”

    I copy the files to the micro SD card using the USB cable.
    Then just turn it on, switch to SD card and it will repeat all the songs on the SD card.
    I keep it plugged into a USB wall wart and it plays continuously.
    I put a little bit of electrical tape over the LED to keep the light contained.

    I’ll give you some feedback on the scripts soon.
    Gotta run at the moment.

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    08/25/2015 at 8:13 pm

    I agree on the speakers.

    As for the scripts, the thing that really jumps out at me is that there is no tieback to YOU in any of the affirmations, whether generically as “my husband/master/whatever” or specifically to a name. I have to assume that was a conscious decision, but maybe some of the reasoning behind that might be enlightening…

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    08/26/2015 at 6:37 am

    What I’m using in the bedroom is an iHome iBT22BX Bluetooth Bedside Dual Alarm Clock with USB Charging and Line-In. Right now my phone is talking to it through the bluetooth but there is an audio in jack that I can use once I get the appropriate adapters and cable if you think that would help. The Living room, as I said, is running off the PC with a medium grade speaker setup. On both setups, if I max out the volume and stick my head by the speakers, I can hear the scripts if just barely.

    As for the scripts, the lack of tie in to me specifically is intentional. As I mentioned, I can get what I want from her pretty much on demand. The intent is to see how far I can amp up her desire for some strange, something she said she would never do.

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    09/01/2015 at 8:28 am

    After a week, I’ve noticed no significant changes in her behavior. I intend to change all references of “cock” to “dick” in the Happy CS script, as that is the term she usually uses to describe a penis. We will see if it makes a difference.

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    09/01/2015 at 12:05 pm

    Yes, she might have a easier time since she’s familiar with the word and she can relate to it. Best advice go slow with her taking it a step at a time.

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    09/01/2015 at 4:08 pm

    @ernestern said:

    After a week, I’ve noticed no significant changes in her behavior. I intend to change…

    A week is not enough (in most cases) to see any kind of change. Look through the history, and you will find it replete with guys who got impatient at the beginning, and only started to find real success once they let things ride for several weeks.

    On the other hand, I can’t argue too much with changing to a word that she uses regularly, but I’m a little surprised you didn’t write them that way in the first place given the thought you had put into your scripts.

    I also stand by my earlier statement regarding making you the focus for those new desires you are instilling…

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    09/22/2015 at 7:01 am

    After three weeks, I’ve still not noticed any significant changes. At this point, I’m going to blame my hardware setup. The bluetooth speaker/clock radio in the bedroom sucks and I’m about to toss it in the trash. Playing to it from my phone is also a pain in the ass as I hate my phone and on more than one occasion either forgot to put the scripts on a loop, or played the wrong one, or a myriadof other user errors. In the living room, if I’m using the PC, I’ll turn the volume down, and I often times forget to turn it back up. So in reality, she’s not getting expose to these scripts in a consistent manner.

    I’ve order a pair of speakers that seekenq mentioned and when they arrive next Tuesday, I’ll put them in use and see what happens.

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    09/22/2015 at 7:04 am

    You can try the classic to by burning the mp3 program to a CD and playing it on a CD Player. Or maybe get a digital picture frame that plays mp3 files.

    Don’t give up man just take it nice and slow. Maybe start with something she wants 🙂

    *** Ah okay I didn’t see to much of that post at first (cool) ***


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    09/22/2015 at 8:37 pm

    @Trainer, I think he is still playing the massive set of scripts he posted in the first message.

    , My personal feeling is that you are not seeing the success you crave because the scripts are both not focused enough, and not focused correctly. You have lots and lots of affirmations that she likes X, Y, or Z but almost none that say she likes to X to you, Y for you, or Z with you. Thus, even if she is having those thoughts, they aren’t being given an outlet.

    Also, like many of us tried early on, you are throwing a huge array of affirmations at her all at once, so the chances of any one of them actually sticking is greatly reduced (even if many of them are similar thoughts).

    There are a couple of stock files that cover roughly the same sentiments you are looking for, but with fewer affirmations – His Happiness (Husband edition), and Wife Cock Sucker. This one-two punch showed great and relatively early visible success for several members here. I would suggest giving them a try.

    P.S. You mentioned that you could barely hear the files if you listened closely at the speaker. That tells me that you don’t have a Bluetooth transmission problem, and makes it far more likely that the content itself is at issue for not being accepted and/or acted upon.

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