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    Here is something I derived from a set of smoking cessation affirmations I found online. Insert your favorite flow controls, pauses, etc…
    Note: If your wife listens to hypnosis files, this script could also form a good compliment to the “Habit Forming” file on WMM.

    CMS is in control of my behaviors.

    I feel calm and relaxed.
    I can put out this cigarette.

    I breathe deeply and relish in the sweet fresh air.
    I am grateful for my breath.
    I choose to have healthy lungs.

    I choose a long and prosperous life.

    I am willing to change my habits.
    Serving CMS helps me form good habits.
    It feels good to follow CMS’s suggestions for beneficial habits.

    I am content and happy in each and every moment.

    I live a life focused on health.
    I need to be healthy to serve CMS.

    I accept CMS’s decisions and have the strength of God to act on them.
    I do not look back.
    I move forward with definite purpose toward a healthier life.

    I can do anything with the strength of the spirit within me.
    Each and every day, I easily embrace new healthy habits.

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    Fizbin – thanks! That’s great! A couple personal tweaks are all I think I’d need to do on that one. This morning reaffirms the need to have a garage setup just for these purposes. I think that this script combined with HH playing infinitely in both smoking areas would be just the thing.

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